As the world begins to come back together, more people are busy planning their next big house party. Gathering with friends and family can be a wonderful experience if you have the right entertainment planned. No one wants to throw a boring party, so it’s essential to have some imagination when planning your event.

Beyond the food, drinks, and decorations, you want to do something that will show your guests a good time. From entertaining casino games for parties that have a gambling theme, to a live band or a karaoke machine that will have your guests rocking the night away, there are plenty of ways to make your gathering a hit that everyone will remember.

As a host, you want to show your guests a good time, but you also want to enjoy the party that you have put so much work into. Keep your entertainment ideas simple to spend time with your guests and not organize complicated games. Let’s take a look at a few fun and entertaining ideas for your next big party.

Video Game Tournament

Hook up your Playstation and let your guests sign up for an entertaining gaming tournament. Choose a sports game or see how much talent your guests have by loading up a dancing game. You can get into the spirit of competition by offering a prize for the winning team.

Silhouette Artist

There is no better way to commemorate your party than by offering your guests a memento of their night. You can hire a talented artist to do portraits or silhouettes of your guests. They will love seeing these artistic creations come to life and have a beautiful keepsake that they can take home with them.


Before your party, load up a party playlist with all the best tunes that will get people up on the dancefloor. You can designate an area for dancing by moving your furniture out of the way to make a space big enough to host some hot moves. Make sure that your playlist includes some timeless classics, hot hits, and a variety of styles of music so everyone will enjoy it.

Live Band

There is nothing more exciting than enjoying a live band. You could set up a private concert in your home or in the yard for your guests to enjoy. Choose a local band favorite that some of your guests may know, or find a band that knows all the classic favorites for everyone to enjoy.

Casino Games

Why not make your party a big winner for all your guests? You can rent a variety of casino games for your guests to try their luck on. If you are collecting for a renovation fund, you can keep the profits or let your guests know that you have chosen a charitable organization to which you will be donating the house winnings. You could plan a Monte Carlo or Las Vegas-themed party and have your guests come dressed for the occasion.

Mystery Dinner

If you are hosting a dinner party, why not add a bit of mystery. Many online apps or game boxes are available to help you turn your party into a fun murder mystery dinner. Let your guests know about your plan on the invitations and give them any instructions about what they will need for your party. Some mystery dinner kits come with different character assignments, costume suggestions, or role-playing instructions.


Give your guests the chance to shine when you rent a Karaoke machine for your next party. Set up a performance stage in the corner of your home and let your guests belt out all their favorite tunes. You can rent a karaoke machine or you can use an online app on your laptop or smartphone. Some karaoke machines have a record function, so you could make a “party cast album” as a fun gift to send out with your thank you cards.

Fortune Teller

Add a bit of mystique and excitement to your next party by inviting a fortune teller or medium to entertain your guests. You could host an open forum or have private readings for all of your guests. Talk to your mystic about the type of services that you want before your party, and let your guests know that they may have the opportunity for a free reading.

Outdoor Movie

If you are hosting your party in the summer, why not take things out to the patio for an outdoor movie. It’s as simple as setting up a small projector and streaming any movie online. You can aim the projector at your home, garage or hang a sheet that will act as a movie screen. Add an outdoor speaker, some lawn chairs, and a campfire, and you have the perfect setting for the perfect movie night.

Scavenger Hunt

If you are hosting a housewarming party, there is no better way for your guests to look around your home than creating a fun adult scavenger hunt. Hide some prizes or a list of items around the different rooms of your home and give your guests permission to go and explore.

Place at least one item in each of the rooms of the house so that the tour will be complete. It’s a good idea to set some boundaries with your guests for this type of activity. For example, you can let them know that medicine cabinets or bedside drawers are off-limits to protect your privacy. This will save you time by allowing you a break from individual tours for all your guests. Don’t forget to provide a prize for the winning team.

Planning the perfect party can be a challenge. Start out with your guest list, choose a theme, and plan out your entertainment. Try to keep things simple so that you can enjoy the party instead of taking care of all the logistics. We have listed a few exciting and entertaining ideas for your next party. Try one or all of these activities to make your next party a hit.

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