Today Dot 2 dominates esports betting sites, this game has become one of the most popular games for betting and in a sense even ahead of csgo betting, which also for many years remains one of the most popular games in eSports. Incredible interest in dota2 betting arose soon after the game itself began to gain momentum in the world of computer games. It rapidly won the hearts of gamers and became a leader.

Its release took place in 2013 and since then it has not come off the lips, because the cybersport events dedicated to this game are still actively discussed around the world, including the cybersport media, various blogs, and forums of gamers. The existence of betting on this game shows the great demand for it in the world of cybersports, and that it is designed in such a way that betting on its teams or players can bring in good money.

Brief information about the features of Dota 2

The game belongs to the genre Multiplayer online battle arena, which allows people to team up and play against each other. There are two teams, each with five participants. One team plays on the side of good and the other on the side of evil. The main strategic object of the game is the fortress. Each team has its own, the main task is to destroy the enemy fortress.

This is quite difficult. In parallel, the players have to protect their fortress from enemies. Management of the game is conducted using a computer mouse and keyboard. Each player is given the opportunity to choose a character, their number is quite large, each hero has its own individual features and characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

During the game, the character can accumulate points and buy items that enhance abilities and help more effectively fight the enemy. To earn a lot of points, you must kill an enemy character. The game is really very exciting, it is impossible to tear yourself away from it. A sense of responsibility for the team and a huge interest in future events makes cybergame players participate in Dota2 tournaments.

Dota 2 in the field of eSports

Dota 2 has become one of the most popular games in cybersports. A huge number of tournaments are held in this discipline, professional teams take part in competitions and leagues to show their incredible abilities and skills in this game. There are also premium Dota2 tournaments that give competitive players the chance to win millions of dollars.

Famous U.S. corporation Valve, which is the undisputed leader in computer games development, annually holds the world’s largest tournament on Dota2 called The International. This tournament’s prize pool allocates millions of dollars each year to award the winners. Such financial figures are amazing because it proves once again that this game is a very valuable “pearl” in the world of cybersports, its process is interesting to watch and in general, the ability to play well opens up great prospects for the gamer. The largest professional tournaments of the game are held all over the world and are actively broadcast on the streams.

By the way, Dota2 is one of the games with the largest number of streams and their watchers. The Internet is full of different guides for beginners who are just starting their acquaintance with Dota2. There are thousands of videos, streams, and reviews on YouTube to help you understand the game. There are even ratings of the best players in Dota2, these are people who have achieved the greatest success in the game.

By their example, they show that it’s quite realistic to become a professional, even if you started from scratch. Hard training and a keen interest in cyber topics will give good results. Cybersport is not for the select few, it is for the persistent and brave who have been able to make the game not only a hobby but also a source of income.

A critique of the game

Despite the huge number of positive reviews about the game among its fans, there are also very negative and very categorical opinions about it. More and more often they began to mention Dota players in the context of addiction to computer games, began to sound the words about mental disorders, and that the game teaches teenagers cruelty. In addition, many players were prone to depression, apathy, withdrawal, and unwillingness to communicate with people.

Unfortunately, any computer game can lead to addiction if it is not controlled. A person should be aware of where reality is and where the virtual world is and not seek to escape from the worldly problems in the game. But despite the mixed reviews, the game still firmly maintains its popularity and is actively used in cybersport.

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