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Our today’s article will be useful to those who work with social networks, namely: designers, SMM specialists, herpetologists, and marketers. Each social network claims to be unique, and even such trifles as the size of graphic elements, each of them have its own. What caused this, one can only guess. But in reality, this creates certain rules for a number of specialists, which are easier to adapt to than to try to remake.

The high pace of life in social networks dictates the style of creating banners and pictures. If you look at social media feeds from a user’s point of view, you probably won’t notice how many pictures you’ve flipped through in the last minute, but you didn’t notice at all what they were talking about. This is a very clear example of the fact that content is consumed in very large quantities, needs to be updated quickly, and created just as quickly.

To quickly and efficiently create banners for social networks, you need to know the size requirements, understand the style and be proficient in a graphic editor. Today, there are many more opportunities for specialists to speed up the process with the help of various online services for creating banners for social networks, and you can also find a lot of memos on the web with descriptions of sizes for all types of banners. Today we offer you a useful article in which we will collect all the useful information for you.

How Banners Affect Promotion

When we talk about promotion, most often we mean a simple purchase of advertising from bloggers or from the platform itself. However, before you pay money to influencers or buy likes on Instagram and other social networks, you should pay attention to your work and try to make your posts work effectively.
Bright and well-designed banners help the creator to express himself and attract a new audience. Therefore, you should carefully read our tips below and follow them.

Social Media Banners: Types

Banners for social networks can be divided into two parts: banners for the feed of posts and banners for targeted advertising. These two streams are further subdivided into groups according to the characteristics of each social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
It is important to note that the main requirements are imposed on the dimensions (aspect ratio), but in some cases, they can be neglected.

If we are talking about a feed of profile posts (of a group, community, or public page), then here the size regulation is set by the user himself, in terms of a single style and order. In simple words, the profile should look stylish, neat, and not dazzling. Pictures for posts can be used in any size, all the rules here are only advisory in nature.
Below we will give recommendations on the size of banners in different social networks (the minimum sizes are indicated, which, if necessary, can be increased in proportion).

Facebook Banners

Group or public page avatar: 320 × 320 pixels.
Cover (header) of a personal page: 820 × 312.
Cover (header) of the group: 1640 × 859.
Banner for a post with a link: 500 × 261.
Rectangular banner: 1200 × 628.
Stories: 1080 × 1920.

Instagram Banners

Profile avatar: 180 × 180 pixels.
Post banner: 1080 × 1080.
Stories: 1080 × 1920.
It is worth adding here that these sizes are recommended by representatives of social networks, as those that will allow maintaining a single visual range and style of the social network as a whole.

Pay attention to the size. If you want to upload a larger banner, you need to remember that heavy images can take a long time to load on mobile devices for users with outdated gadgets and poor Internet speed. When uploading a high-resolution image, the social network automatically compresses the size, but does it proportionally, so the size may still remain high.

Click-Through Banners

Before we introduce you to the list of services and programs for creating banners, I would like to remind you about efficiency, because the banner carries information and it should attract the viewer.
The click-through rate of banners is the percentage of audience clicks relative to its number. A stable and good percentage of creative click-through is considered to be 1-3%.

To save time and not waste your advertising budget on finding out how clickable a creative is, we recommend using the Popsters service. Among the many indicators of advertising effectiveness, you will be interested in CTR. The higher it is, the more attractive the ad is for the user.
Pay attention to how a banner can be attractive, draw conclusions why one advertising banner collects more clicks than another. Based on these observations, you can start creating.

Banner Maker Software

As such, there are no programs for creating banners; there are applications for PCs or smartphones that allow you to do this. We want to invite you to add to your arsenal mobile applications Adobe Photoshop and InStories and Canva.
As a rule, mobile applications are adapted to the request for quick completion of the task. They contain a lot of ready-made solutions that can be used in an emergency when it is not possible to make a full-fledged banner using a PC.


So that the social networks in which you work perform their main function, namely, attracting an audience. The visual component is the main thing that attracts users in the first place. To make your banners look modern, effective, and not time-consuming, follow our recommendations. At first, this may seem difficult and cumbersome, but once the habit is formed, everything will go much easier.

We hope that this article was useful for you and now you will pay more attention to the design of banners in social networks. Remember that the growth of your popularity and attraction of subscribers depends only on your productive work and understanding of how to effectively set up your advertising. We wish you success in promoting your accounts!

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