With the different industries pushing through despite the recent events that brought changes to many people’s lives, we can expect that the world would be entirely electronically dependent sooner or later. In line with this, most businesses will most probably become paperless, thus relying on web-based tools that would surely aid them and keep them track and organize their necessary files and documents. Some of those online tools are PDF converters.

Why would you need a PDF converter? Whether you are aware or not, there are certain cases where you will find yourself searching for online converters to change your files’ format.

Why would you want to convert your files into PDFs? For one, PDF files are not easy to modify. Unlike Word files, PDFs do not automatically give you the option to make any edits on it. Hence, when you forward the file to someone else, it will be a read-only file for the recipient. Additionally, PDF files tend to be more appealing to most people as it retains the data and appearance of your data upon forwarding it using any online platform. Word convert to PDF can be done for this.

What is the best PDF converter for this type of file? Simple, PDFBear.

Word Convert To PDF Using PDFBear

You most likely find dozens of other converters when you search for one. So, what makes PDFBear stand out from among the others? PDFBear almost has it all. PDFBear is an online tool accessible through any web browser that can convert your files into PDFs, or you can also choose to convert your PDF files into some other format. Either way, PDFBear will be there to guide you through the online converting journey.

Are you worrying that you won’t be able to know how to use it? You can worry no more. The application has an easy to follow the instruction that is available for every feature it offers. Another great thing about PDFBear is that it doesn’t take too much time to get the process done. Within a few minutes, after a few clicks, your newly converted file is readily available for you to download or save.

The conversion process in PDFBear is so easy. The first thing you need to take note of is that you have to select the right file you wish to convert into a PDF format. Second, the converter will detect your file and begin the process once you press the convert button. Wait until the operation finishes. Once it is, your file or files will be available for you to save or share automatically with a chosen recipient.

PDFBear: For Easy File Conversion

Once you had the first taste of using this web-based tool, you can indeed say that you will not need any other online converter as PDFBear has it all. Of course, you are still free to use and access different applications for your convenience. But why not save yourself all that trouble and let PDFBear help you address your PDF file dilemmas? One of the best things to note when using the PDFBear app is that you do not have to download the app. You can open it using your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop through any reliable browser, and with just a few click,

PDFBear is readily available on any platform. You do not need a particular operating system for it to be accessible to you. PDFBear is convenient to you anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, every time you upload your files to PDFBear, it adds SSL protection to your file. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This protection usually transmits your personal and confidential data securely. To check if you have SSL protection, you can double-check the address, which should have ”HTTPS” in it. You can also do it yourself by clicking the padlock button at the corner on the left of your browser.

Key Features

This online tool ensures a fast upload and download speed of your files. Plus, it processes your files promptly, saving you a whole lot of effort and time. However, please note that uploading and downloading your files can also depend on your internet connection. PDFBear is not only ideal for converting your files, but you can also modify it by merging, splitting, deleting a few pages, locking, etc. It is beneficial for people who often need a PDF editor to offer several features to pick. Another good news? All of these features are accessible for free.

Yes, PDFBear is free. But you can also choose to go for PDFBear Pro, which opens additional benefits and features for you. With a Pro account, you can do many tasks simultaneously without limit. Also, you will be able to enjoy unlimited Optical Character Recognition or OCR related tasks. AN OCR task enables you to convert images and scanned documents to modifiable data, which are also searchable, allowing you to find that specific information you wish to discover. Another plus when you decide to buy a subscription? You will have unlimited storage for your files in the secure cloud, and there will be annoying ads to disturb you while using the online tool.

Therefore, PDFBear is indeed the best web-based tool you would want to have readily available at your fingertips.

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