Why responsive web design is imperative for your growth

Responsive web design is one of the directions in site creation and, at the same time, it is one of the key indicators of site quality. Experts in making your web pages look perfectly on all devices assure that such a type of design will drastically enhance your online promotion. Mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic. Thus, site optimization for different devices and screens is of vital importance for the thriving of your business. Here are the main reasons why this path is a smart choice for Australian businesses and why you should invest not only in the overall digital presence that may consist of general optimization and local SEO in Sydney but also in site adaptation for any screen size:

  • impressive visible conversion rise: a site that is correctly displayed on the most used types of gadgets is a guarantee of reaching the audience and getting the desired sales;
  •  your brand wins loyalty because of the comfort of interactivity with the web pages and the focus on the user needs that motivate customers to come back to you again;
  • the products or services are easier to sell with a responsive website that works flawlessly despite the device features;
  • straightforward management of behavioral factors: it has been proven that users leave a page if it takes a long time to load, but thanks to the responsiveness, this issue can be solved, and the time spent on the site can be increased;
  • overcoming competitors and enticing their customers is possible by offering better UX.

How responsive web design boost your SEO

Obviously, responsive design best practices benefit your SEO. Investing in the project, all technical features will be improved and site performance will be boosted. Thus, websites optimized for mobile devices have higher search engine rankings due to:

Excellent page loading speed. The layout and the website’s visual and textual content will be adjusted, which reduces the time needed for displaying. Immediate access to design components contributes to the high clients’ satisfaction level.

Better usability. Requirements for optimization are primarily aimed at increasing the convenience of working with the site. Non-responsive sites that are poorly adapted to be displayed on mobile devices will fail to get to the top positions. After all, if the usability is not upgraded, then the trust of search engines decreases which has a bad effect on promotion.

Dealing with the issue of low bounce rate.  If visitors come to your site and leave it without doing any further actions, this signals Google that something is wrong. When your bounce rate goes up, more likely, you will lose your top positions. With a responsive web design, your visitors get everything they need in the right format.

As you can see, to be sure your SEO campaign will have the highest ROI and be efficient enough, you must cooperate only with a dedicated team of experts who can deliver the best possible outcomes and take care of all aspects that impact your online presence tactic.

Pivotal criteria for picking an agency

Comprehensive approach. Hire only a full-service digital agency that can cope with an array of objectives and will be able to competently execute the most complex tasks without losing crucial things out of sight.

SEO price. Optimization activity cannot be cheap and quick. It is rather a long and expensive way to the top. However, you will get outstanding results and a return on investment.

Australian market specifics. Cooperate with professionals who know which method will be the most profitable for your company. If you want to benefit from local SEO in Sydney or build a responsive site, then contact Shtudio specialists to get transparency, commitment, and flexibility.

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