The New Class Of PC Games For 2021 Is Strong

PC gaming has always been a cut above console gaming owing to the associated “power” and customizability of PC hardware. Well, things have entered the next generation, and this is still the case. A strong gaming computer will outplay a console hands-down, and can even emulate many console games. You can also check for an update on the hottest trending games this 2021.

That said, it’s best to go with PC games that have been developed for such consoles. To that end, following we’ll explore five games that are taking the PC world by storm. Several are ports from consoles, but not all. TechRadar picked their favorites for 2021; of those eighteen, we’ll briefly explore four here—buckle up!

Ultra-Violent Ghostrunner

Doom: Eternal and Mirror’s Edge met in a nightclub and nine months later, out came Ghostrunner. This game puts you in a first-person runner where you’ve got to defend the last threshold of humanity against some downright evil antagonists.

The idea is exhilaration, excitement, and fast-paced gameplay. You’ll find all that and a bag of potato chips with Ghostrunner.

Hitman 3: The Rebooted Coup De Grace

The Hitman series has always been an immersive “game-changing” group of action games, and the rebooted trilogy is no exception. First and foremost, the graphics are designed to make your jaw unhinge from your skull and fall off. It’s amazing, and next-gen PC rigs render these beautiful environments to a degree that’s downright exquisite.

Video games are themselves artworks, and few prove it to so many decimal places as Hitman 3. You’ll get six new maps, and the story that was left dangling like a chad five years ago has a nice bow wrapped around it. Again, you’re “Agent 47”. Multiple maps can be played multiple times for endless ways of accomplishing objectives. Ubiquitous replayability is here.

The Alternate Nuclear Holocaust Of Paradise Lost

It’s a “walking simulator”, sure; but it’s gorgeous, fun, entertaining, innovative, and worth checking out.

So basically, a nuclear holocaust backhands the planet after WWII, and the “alternate universe” you’re in now bears the scars of that nuclear insanity. You’re this girl by the name of Ewa. There’s a strong Bioshock vibe to this one. It’s short, but it’s a fine adventure. Not everyone has eighty hours to spend on a game, after all!

Hideo Kojima’s Magnum Opus: Death Stranding – On PC

So this is the product of all the gaming acumen Hideo Kojima has accrued over the decades. It’s interactive, beautiful, cinematic, ground-breaking, and utterly massive. Also, there’s a fine online gaming element to it, and things you “construct” can be experienced by other players. Always one for innovation, Hideo Kojima packs it into Death Stranding.

Also, real actors have been used to base video game models on, so this one has a lot higher caliber of “performance” defining its egress. Basically, some funky event makes America a post-apocalyptic disaster wasteland and it’s your job as the game character based on actor Norman Reedus to help rebuild the continent, on foot.

Yeah, it’s a “walking simulator”, but there’s nothing like it. Part RPG, part horror game, part action game, a part dark cautionary tale, all innovative, and all unique. Hideo has done it again. Some folks are turned off by this game, which came out on consoles earlier; but now it’s in the PC world, and there’s every indication it could become an endless online phenomenon.

Exploring The Latest In Immersive PC Entertainment

There are so many games, you may not have time to get to them all; but you definitely want to see these real-time works of art, so if you’ve got the passion but not the time, don’t feel bad about a few top-tier cheats for PC games to help you stay up on all the latest trends.

That said, Death Stranding, Paradise Lost, Hitman 3, and Ghostrunner represent some fine entries into the PC gaming sphere for 2021. Granted, for a few bucks you can emulate games via “ROM” up into the PS2 era almost for free—just be careful what you download so you avoid popups from adware or other viral elements. That said, modern options are ushering in a new golden age.

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