Slenderman is just a product of digital media, and as described in stories, he appears in places where humans rarely go, such as abandoned houses, forests, etc. The origin of this character is still unclear. However, we can say that it was born in 2009 on a forum site. Slender mans’ character was created by a man named Eric Knudsen. Many games and a movie has been created just to add fuel to the fire.

Just like any other mythical creature or monster, the internet has many stories about Slender Man as well. So suit yourself and read all you want from various internet pages dedicated to the Slender Man.

Best Slender Man Games:

Slender: The Eight Pages (PC)

The game falls into the type of survival horror. Slender: The Eight Pages is known for being a first-person mystery-solving game that is based on the popular myth of Slender Man. Players are required to find some eight pages, which are about a faceless, pale creature, and you have to do it before he hunts you down.

The game is a typical hunt and collects game. However, the added element of horror and suspense has made it possible for the game to deliver a classic experience to its players.

The problem with the game is that it’s dull, and many players do not find it as an action-packed adventure. However, the main issue is repetitiveness and pacing. You have to walk around holding a torch is the dark and hunting for a long time can drain you out of battery.

However, the strange thing about stopping the continuous attacks of Slender man is that you have to look at him. On the contrary, looking at him for too long can cost you your life. It is quite frustrating. You have to work through eight levels, but there is not much variety, but the difficulty level appears to be increasing every time.

Download Free: Slender: The Eight Pages (PC)

Slender: The Arrival (PC, Console, Mac)

The game features a character of Lauren who is on her way to meet her friend kate. Unfortunately, Lauren’s car breaks down, and she decides to complete the rest of her journey on foot. She finds a flashlight and continues to trek through the five chapters. These include wooded areas, an abandoned mine, and a house.

The controls are quite awkward. Where most PC games ask you to use single keys for doing a certain action, Slender: The Arrival requires a player to first click on doors and then flick their mouse in any of the one direction.

However, players complain about visuals, which aren’t the best part of the game. Screen effects appear effective, such as motion blur effects that appear to be quite real. Moreover, the sound effects are a vital part of the game. You can hear even the slightest scratch clearly. Together, all of these elements make the game a fine choice.

Slender: Rising 1 and 2 (Mobile)

You get two game modes to play. Either you can choose to play The Lost Souls, where you have to look for lost souls and click a picture with them. However, you have to escape before the Slender Man finds you. Whereas, the other mode is Signs of the End. You have to look for signs that are spread throughout the game level. There are three levels of difficulty, four levels, and four types of environment, including storm, night vision, night, and day.

The overall graphics are terrific and detailed. However, some areas need improvement to make the gameplay more exciting. You are drawn to the stare of Slender Man. The closer you are, the harder and longer you must claw at and swipe your screen to break that attraction.

Slender Rising 2 is suggested to be played with headphones in the dark. You can hear different sounds coming from all directions. You closely hear the whispers and sounds to determine the locations of the souls. The game’s music is creepy; also, you can hear the echo of your own footsteps.

The game tracks total how many signs you have found, how many souls you have saved, and how many times you were able to escape each world. However, if you are a constant player of the Slender Man games, and you know your way through it, you will not find many new things or improved elements. But the gameplay is exciting if you want to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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