Games have been an integral part of human existence for a long time now. Beyond the brain development that science says that some games can help with, the excitement that games give is necessary. Online games have made life way more comfortable because now you can play your favorite games with your best buds from anywhere in the world. We know that game lovers are regularly in search of new games to play; this is why we’ve compiled four (4) multiplayer online games across various genres that you can enjoy anywhere.


Blackjack is a casino game that has been existing for years, yet, it remains a favorite for many gamers. As online casinos emerged, it was inevitable that this smooth game would quickly find a place in them. What makes this game much fun is that players are in a kind of race against the dealer to reach 21.

What’s more? You can win real money while playing. If you’ve never played blackjack before, you can try it for free here. It’s quite simple and straightforward, and once you master it, you can begin to win real money. You can even play with other people against the dealer to win big. If you love a good card game, try blackjack today.


Psych! is the game you play with friends if you enjoy trivia. However, there’s a twist. Team players are asked a trivia question, and you get to insert a wrong answer that you made up as one of the options. Then, you have to convince them that this wrong answer is the right one.

If you succeed and they believe you, you win points! When you’re on the other end, with a friend trying to ‘psych’ you into picking their wrong answer, and you select the right one, you get points. It is the perfect blend of knowledge and fun in one game. If you’re looking for a great way to have a good laugh with friends and family, this is the game for you.


Consider learning how to host your own game server for even better gameplay performance.

Just like Slender Man, Phasmophobia is a scary game that will give you the creeps. Phasmophobia’ means ‘fear of ghosts’, which should give you an idea of what the game is about. Your task is to work with a group of friends as ghost hunters to investigate paranormal activity and record the data and evidence.

These then will be sold to a ghost removal team to solve the problem. Using tools like Ouija boards and crucifixes, your team must survive the ten different ghosts in the game. It is an immersive game that any horror game fan would want to try out, so tell your friends about it today.

Mario Kart Tour

It seems like it would be unfair not to include the legendary Mario Kart Tour on this list. Here, you get to race with Mario, and all your favorite Nintendo characters race in a go-kart. The racecourse is such a vast one with challenges every step of the way. You’ll be racing on the road, underwater, and even hand gliding.

Your only goal here is to win and gain as many points as possible along the way. As simple as it may sound, it’s going to take a lot to do so. There are also bonus challenges that you can enjoy in the game. You can race against up to seven other friends online, making it more fun for you. There is also a mobile version that you can all enjoy.


Be it a casino game, a horror game, or a simple puzzle, there are many interactive online games that you can enjoy with other people today. All you have to do is keep exploring and have as much fun as you can along the way!

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