When you play card games or other games online, most of you play them for entertainment, to get some fun moments, and to relax from the hectic schedule of daily life. While playing these games, for e.g. in online rummy, you experience different emotions like thrill, excitement, anticipation, fun, worry, tension, etc. you feel happy when you win and feel sad when you lose. All of this is a part and parcel of the game. Have you ever noticed a similarity between some situations in your life and rummy?

The different situations and adversities you get to face in life and the lessons you learn from them are something that stays with you for a long time. Because most lessons you learn when you actively experience them, than those which you just read passively. Games can mold people into complete personalities. When you play rummy, you have to make quick decisions, analyze, observe, and defeat your opponent in quick time. You face different situations that can mimic the situations of your life itself and learn life lessons in the rummy game. So, which are the lessons? Let us go through 5 life lessons that rummy can teach you:

Be Mindful

One crucial skill you must use in order to win an online rummy game is to keep observing. Observe how your opponents play, their moves, and the cards they pick and discard. This is because the more accurately you can anticipate their cards, the more you know about their cards, and the easier it will be for you to make an effective strategy to defeat them. Your observation skills will be helpful even in other aspects of your life esp. when you are in a public place. You can spot suspicious activities, people, or suspicious objects which others won’t. You will be able to save the day for many people and avert situations that could have turned really bad for you and/or others. Always stay mindful, and observe everything happening around you, whether in rummy or in life.

Adapting to different Circumstances

Rummy is a game of glorious uncertainties. Every time you get the initial cards, they will be different; sometimes it will be easy to meld them, while sometimes you will have to work hard. Even during the game, at one time your opponent will be in a strong position to win, but in just a couple of moves, the game will experience a twist and you will be the new favorite, and this will keep on changing. What you must do is not stick to one strategy or plan, but change according to the situation.

You must learn to adapt to different circumstances – not just in rummy, but also in life. Nobody’s life is a smooth sailing boat, there will be ups and downs. You will face unexpected bad days just like good days too. The only thing you can do is to thoroughly prepare yourself for the bad days, adapt to every situation you will face in life, and successfully come out of it.

Never give up

This is a classic ‘never say die attitude that the rummy game teaches you. Situations keep on changing while playing rummy, there will be moments when you will just feel like giving up, and your opponent will be an overwhelming favorite to win the round. But, you must know that many players have turned this situation in just 1 or 2 moves and won too! Just like a T20 cricket match, even in rummy fortunes change in a couple of moves, hence, you must never give up, never lose hope, even in life. You will see good days after bad days, no two days will be the same. Remember, ‘Change is the only constant’.

Sometimes you have to let go!

But then, rummy also teaches you that not every game you will win. In rummy, you get the chance to do a drop and lose by fewer points in the beginning than lose by more points later. This is because you will get bad cards in the initial draw, and you have to decide whether to play with them or not. Many pro players do a drop, incur 20 or 40 points in one round, and then come back strongly to cover the loss, in the next round. As the saying goes, ‘you need to take a step backward, to take two steps forward.

Also, while playing you must discard cards that aren’t being melded into sequences even after a few moves. They can pull you down and take you to a loss, especially the high-value cards. If you don’t want to do a drop, you can at least ensure that you are losing with the least possible points. Hence, discard (let go) unwanted cards as soon as possible. Even in life, you have to let go in some situations to succeed later.

Think before you act

Planning is essential in rummy and in life too. It is by planning your strategies, tricks, and moves that you will win. Before every move, rummy gives you a certain amount of time (10 to 40 secs) to think over your next move, and also the time of the opponent’s moves. You have to analyze the situation thoroughly and make your move. Sometimes, you must make a quick decision. But every time, you should think before you act. You should have a calm mind, you must not give in to emotions and rush of blood. These teaching of rummy prove to be extremely useful in real-life situations too.

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