There are many reasons ladies love the classic Constellation collection from the world-famous Swiss timepiece brand Omega. From the seamless blend of style to the unique stellar designs, Omega has mastered the craft of timeless sophistication that every woman wants to embody through this selection. Top it off with elegance, performance, and refined precision, this luxury piece from Constellation is just the perfect accessory you’ll need in your life.

Aside from these given qualities, there are a handful of things women find interesting about the collection that they simply can’t stop raving about. Whether you are a woman who’s looking for a timepiece to invest in or a man who wants to give the best there is for your wife, partner, or girlfriend, you may want to check out the top features about this collection from Omega. Read on the list below to know more:

1. It comes from an iconic style

If you want a stylish yet classic piece, then an Omega Women’s Watch from this collection is the right pick for you. Over the years, the Constellation was upgraded with modern touches, all while retaining its unique design since it was first introduced in 1982. It’s now on its 5th generation makeover and each watch still has a unique placement of a date window at 6 o’clock. You can choose from a 25 mm, 28 mm, or 29 mm model—all of which offer an exquisite finish that is truly one for the books.

2. Its slender touches champion femininity

What makes an Omega Constellation watch a true beauty is its iconic claws. If you’re all for this feature, then you will be thrilled to know that the new collection’s claws have been given a slimmer look. These merge impeccably into the bezel and case, which are also made more feminine through slender touches.

3. The details are captivating

It will be hard not to try on a luxurious watch from Omega once you have seen the details yourself. Apart from the feminine touches, the Constellation has now new beveled edges along with the bracelet and case which make the models appear slimmer—elevating the overall look and feel.

While the Quartz models come with the traditional Constellation bracelet, the 29 mm watches have been updated to ones with polished mid-bar links. All the clasps then carry the Omega name, logo, and the polished half-moon facets. The thinner Roman numerals and diamond-setting that are compact and flawless are also one to keep an eye on the new collection. What’s even better is there’s a wide selection of captivating dial colors you can choose from, too.

4. The models deliver a high level of precision

One of the best features every woman loves about the Omega Constellation models is its certified high-level precision. The new 29mm models from this collection carry the Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 8700/8701. With this kind of precision, those who will use it can definitely expect a top-grade performance and magnetic resistance. A quintessential Swiss timepiece, each model from the Omega Constellation is indeed a star performer to watch out for.

5. It fits perfectly 

In wearing a fashion piece, there are two qualities women consider before getting it for themselves. The first is of course its stylishness, and the second is comfort. The Omega watches can give you just that, including the ones from the Constellation collection. Women won’t just look good but feel great copping with their favorite look with this luxury watch as well.

Unlike other watches, Omega allows wearers to extend the bracelet an extra 2mm through a discreet release button. This will then be easier for them to adjust the fit for optimum comfort on the wrist.

6. There’s variety

Women love variety. Though you can wear an Omega watch all year round all while pulling off great looks, it’s always nice to have an option to choose from. The Constellation collection offers various designs and colors suited for any kind of occasion and personality. There’s a size, dial color, and material that will suit your style. The best part is whatever you pick, you will always carry the signature sophistication that only the Omega brand can give.

7. It helps you shine to your fullest

Omega watches, especially the iconic Constellation models, are the epitome of style and luxury. This is why wearing one helps you get a step closer to shining to your fullest. Its modern and timeless features wrapped in one elegant watch are difficult to resist and even more so if you know you deserve the best things in life.

Omega’s ever-evolving, sparkling designs are a testament to how they listen to what women want. This is also why, over the years, the Constellation models continue to thrive in the world of Swiss watches. It’s because of this that the Omega Women’s Watch under this collection could also introduce its exquisite jewelry models that combine 18K gold and some of the world’s precious stones. Each model boasts captivating dials with baguette-cut hour markers in diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.


Getting yourself a Constellation is how you can express your love to yourself. After years of hard work and perseverance, a woman like you deserves to revel in the luxurious Omega experience. Doing so won’t just give you a stylish piece of accessory that you can keep in the years to come, but you’ll also get to invest in superior Omega craftsmanship that offers iconic aesthetic and excellent precision and performance. Visit to view the Constellation models and more collections from the Omega Women’s Watch.

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