Do you love creating and posting videos? Do you sometimes struggle with editing these videos? Editing a video is the most important part of the post-production process. You always have to make sure that your customers view a polished video. No one likes to see poor-quality videos. In fact, a bad-quality video could negatively impact your brand.

Video editing tools can be a great help in this scenario. Certain video editing tools can burn a hole in your pocket. So, how do video editors create a perfect video without using expensive editing software?

Luckily, InVideo offers the best YouTube video editor tool to edit your videos while you can also use YouTube’s web-based editor which is easily accessible on its platform. In this post, we will take you through YouTube’s video editing tools and some best practices to keep in mind while editing your videos.

How to Use YouTube’s Video Editor

YouTube’s video editor is basic and lets you trim out a clip quite easily. Let’s learn how to edit your videos correctly:

  • Sign in to the YouTube studio.
  • Go to the left sidebar and click content.
  • Upload the thumbnail of the video you want to edit in the upload section.
  • Now go to the left sidebar and click on the editor tool.
  • Trim beginning of the video: If you want to trim the beginning of the video you are uploading, click on Trim. It is above your timeline panel, next to the video trimmer. When you click on it, there might be blue lines on the sides of the video timeline panel. Drag to cut the part of the video that you don’t want to add in your final version. You can click preview to watch and save the video if you’re satisfied.
  • Trim middle of the video: You can trim some specific clips from the middle of your videos by choosing the Trim function. In the Timeline panel, click on the beginning of the clip that you would like to remove by pressing split. Now, click on the end of the clip that you wish to remove by clicking split again. Finally, click on the blue lines at the end or start of the video and drag them to the opposite side to trim them out of the video. You can Preview and Save if you’re satisfied.
  • Add End Screen to Video: If you want your viewers to watch one of your related videos, subscribe to your channel or check out the playlist, select the End Screen option shown on the bottom of your YouTube video editor panel. By clicking on the Apply Template, you can upload the screen template or existing template. Moreover, you can choose from the editor’s options: Video, Playlist, Channel, Subscribe, or Link.

How to Edit Videos for YouTube?

It is always very satisfying to know that users love the final video. There are few things that you should keep in mind while editing the video for the final product. We’ve covered some of the best practices while editing videos during post-production.

Engaging thumbnails for each video

Thumbnail is a small description of what your video is all about. It is the first thing that viewers see before watching the full video. So, they capture the attention of your audience. Your thumbnails could be anything like screenshots of specific moments captured in your video or text-based titles. The only thing to keep in mind is that they have to be exciting and keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Engaging elements in your videos

Adding some engaging elements in your final video is the best way to keep the audience involved. Engaging elements could be text, images, shape, animations, fun transitions, or music. Please choose the element that makes complete sense to your videos. After all, you don’t want to lose the audience’s focus from high-quality content.

Tell a story

Your videos should have a story in them, pretty much like the way we read a story. That means your video should have a flow, like a beginning, middle, and end. This helps viewers understand what you are sharing with them and makes sure that they don’t get confused about how the clips are related to each other. You should keep in mind the basics of storytelling before uploading the final video through the YouTube Video Editor.

Keep it Simple

Try to keep your video simple and focus on the content you would like your audience to draw attention to. Too much content, additional transitions, music, animations, and text distract the audience from the video’s main content. Therefore, focus on creating original video content that has necessary additions to it.

Baseline Video Style

Sometimes it is great to streamline your video editing process by developing a single baseline editing style. For instance, you can use a consistent pattern for editing your video, including transitions, music, thumbnail style, and any elements. This will reduce your video editing time, and the audience will connect with your consistent style. For example, you can add a snippet at the start of your videos telling viewers what they can expect in the video or add a surprise element to grab the audience’s attention. This consistent style of video editing helps keep your audience engaged.

Take a break

Sometimes video editing can be a stressful job and might lead you to second guess your work. It is a good idea to step back sometimes and restart with a fresh, energized frame of mind. For instance, you might feel stuck when sitting at your desk for six hours looking at your screen. It might look like you have focused too much on it, and the output is not that productive. Take a break for a few hours or even a few days, if necessary, and start again with a fresh mind.

Your video editing experience should be fun, whether you use YouTube editor or a third-party app. If you are looking for another YouTube video editor, then check out InVideo. The app creates hassle-free videos and consists of thousands of free templates.

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