Legitimate fantasy sports have finally arrived at the Ethereum blockchain with a platform called Sorare. Now, there are a lot of fantasy sports platforms on the blockchain, but none of them have the legitimacy that Sorare has with partnerships with over 240 football clubs.

Sorare isn’t all that different from traditional fantasy sports. Fantasy players build their fantasy team from player cards and then enter tournaments to win ETH prizes or more cards.

The Basics of Sorare

Again, Sorare isn’t a complicated game to understand, though for more detailed information take a look at https://sorareguide.com/sorare-review. Essentially, you have a deck of NFT player cards made up of players from over 140 teams. You then build your team from five player cards of your choosing. A Sorare fantasy team consists of the following positions:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Forward
  • Midfielder
  • Defender
  • A choice between the defender, forward, and midfielder.

Team owners must also choose a captain. The captain receives bonus points, so you should put your highest scoring player as the captain.

Once you have your team, then you can join a league to compete for prizes in the form of ETH or playing cards.

How to Start Playing Sorare

Starting your fantasy sports journey on Sorare is easy. The first step is to create an account on the official Sorare website. You receive 10 player cards (in the form of NFTs) to get you started with your fantasy team.

You aren’t going to get amazing player cards when you first sign up. It’s just enough players for you to field a team in order to enter a tournament.

Thankfully, Sorare takes this into account and allows fantasy teams of equal strength to have their own league. A team consisting of no-name players doesn’t have to play a team that has Cristiano Ronaldo and João Cancelo.

That said, the Global All Stars League (open to everyone) has the best rewards and the toughest competition. There’s little to no chance a team consisting of common cards will win the Global All Stars League, so it’s recommended to build a good team if you want to see success at the highest level of Sorare.

How Scoring in Sorare Works

If you are familiar with scoring in fantasy sports, then you already have a good understanding of how scoring in Sorare works. To fully understand the scoring system, and properly analyze it when choosing player cards, would go far beyond the scope of this article.

However, the basic summary is that scoring revolves around stats that impact the result of the game (goal, assist, yellow card, etc.) combined with individual stats specific to their position. The maximum number of points a player can have is 100 and the lowest is 0.

Sorare games operate on a weekly basis. This means that if a player does not play in a particular week, then they will not receive a score.

There are a lot of different leagues in Sorare, so making sure that your player actually plays is important to ensure success.

Tips for New Sorare Players

Sorare is a simple game at its core – it’s fantasy sports afterall. Any fantasy aficionado, however, knows there are a lot of strategies involved in becoming a winning fantasy player. Some good tips for new players include the following:

Buy Better Player Cards

The best piece of advice we can give for beginners to Sorare is to buy better player cards. The common cards that each account receives upon signing up aren’t good enough to field a competitive team.

You will find that a lot of the common player cards are for players that get little to no playing time. As such, these players score very few points on Sorare.

Buying better player cards obviously requires some upfront investment and familiarity with fantasy stats analysis, but if you purchase enough good playing cards, then it should pay off in the long term with more tournament winnings.

Gain XP

Our next tip is to make sure to put cards that aren’t playing into the Training League. This league is designed specifically for your cards to gain XP.

XP adds a percentage multiplier to your card’s total score (ie. raw total + 6% of raw total = total). A 6% difference in points might be the difference between first and second place, so make sure to gain XP whenever possible.

It’s important to note that the player cards will gain XP outside the training league, but you can only have five cards active at a time in a league. You may as well gain some XP on your other cards — the player cards may become more valuable over time if the player improves!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common questions people have about Sorare.

Is Sorare Gambling?

No, Sorare is not gambling because it is free to enter the tournaments. It would only be gambling if the tournaments required an entrance fee.

Can I Buy and Sell Player Cards?

Yes, buying and selling playing cards is one of the core features of Sorare. Purchases are done with Ether on the blockchain. The player cards are ERC-721 NFTs, which means you actually own the digital cards.

This also makes the cards permanent. The card will still exist as a collectible card even if the player goes to an unsupported club or retires from soccer.

Is Sorare a Scam?

No, Sorare is definitely not a scam. The company has a public team and has signed licensing agreements with over 240 soccer clubs.

Most importantly, they have a reputation for fast payouts on tournament winnings.

Final Thoughts

That sums it up for an absolute beginner’s guide to Sorare. There’s a lot more to know, especially with the player card marketplace, if you want to fully dive into Sorare. This article is meant for the absolute beginner to get a feel for the platform and not be completely overwhelmed.

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