We all love our gaming sessions, whether it’s an old-school classic Slenderman session or a few rounds of Fortnite with the gang. However, as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes going out and experiencing some IRL entertainment can also be a blast. Of course, trying some activities in the real world does not have to be totally divorced from your passion for gaming.

Instead, you can keep yourself occupied and socialized with some activities that embody the most exciting things about video games. Check out some of our favorite IRL game experiences for those who are ready to put down their keyboard and step outside.

Zombie Bootcamp

If you’re a fan of Resident Evil, Left4Dead, Dead Island, and the like, you might be looking for ways to take your zombie obsession to the next level. Fortunately, the market has answered your prayers, as you can now take part in a real-life zombie apocalypse with Zombie Bootcamp. There are tons of zombie boot camp locations around the globe, with the premise being that you are immersed in a real-world zombie apocalypse, which you and your friends must survive with grit, wit, and strategy. Warning: the actors they use to play zombies are not messing around, so come prepared…

Medieval Combat

Many of our most beloved games revolve around the gore and guts of the medieval era. For Honor, Dark Souls, and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare are just a few examples of hit games based almost entirely on donning your knight’s suit of armor and knocking your enemies around. If you would like to see what it was actually like to duel and joust in the days of yore, sign yourself up for a round of full-contact Medieval Combat, where you will be able to wield an actual sword and ride into battle on a real horse, to see how you would actually fare if you were dropped into the 14th century.

Bingo Rave

One of the most popular forms of real money online gaming these days is, of course, bingo. Now, you can always head to a normal bingo hall to play a few rounds with your friends, but why stop there? If you would rather do IRL bingo in a way that takes things up several notches, why not try a full-blown bingo party rave, coming to a city near you? These bingo raves from Bada Bingo incorporate all of the 90s aesthetics of early internet culture, while also throwing in some pounding dance music and insane prizes. This is high-octane bingo that we didn’t know we needed.

Supercar Racing

We are all partial to a few rounds of Forza, Gran Turismo, and Need for Speed, but so very few of us ever actually get behind the wheel of a souped-up supercar. Fortunately, now you can. Tons of different companies now offer genuine supercar racing experiences, allowing us lay-folk to take command of an IRL McLaren and burn some rubber on one of the iconic racing tracks that frequently appear in our favorite games. Not for the faint-hearted.

These are the absolute must-try IRL game experiences for any gamer that is looking for a good reason to leave the house.

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