Knicks Game

Knicks game

If you live anywhere nearby or, specifically in New York City, it is for sure that you’re a diehard Knicks fan and would love to watch the game any day. However, we do understand that it is not possible to be able to go watch the game every time, considering the mental and physical labor one has to go through to be able to make it to the game.

As cool as it feels to go to the games, most of the time it is nothing but a hassle first trying to get to the game, then to find the assigned seat with the right angle, view, and the right lighting. You might end up extremely tired by the end of it. It is a complete hassle and you don’t even get to meet the players most of the time.

While it may be easy for extroverts to put in so much mental and physical labor, introverts are not very much comfortable sitting in a stadium filled with people. But, we do have a solution for that and it is possible to watch the game in a way that you feel almost the same energy you might feel watching it live, but only with a limited number of people around. Considering people’s obsession with the NBA, we have come up with ways to enhance your experience watching the game in your own space, because we’re pro introverts!

Gather At One Place

The first step of making any game worth watching is to call everyone. Family, neighbors, friends, friends of friends (only the ones you are comfortable around). Invite everyone you know; no one will turn down a good game screening with a bunch of cool people. The more people you call the better you can set the vibe of the game. Just invite people that you can accommodate and feel comfortable having.

Make Lots Of Space

Usually, when you decide to have a big gathering, the place looks clustered up and very jam-packed because your furniture usually takes up half the space. In order to avoid overcrowding, prep the room or lounge where you will play the live game, beforehand. Rearrange the furniture and make room for your guests and yourself, try to completely remove the furniture and fill the room with cushions and sofas everywhere for everyone’s convenience. Also fill in with tiny tables to put the food, drinks, and utensils on them.


The most essential part of either a movie night or a game’s live screening is to have just the right snacks. Just like you prepare popcorns and iced drinks for a movie night, stock up on crackers, popcorns, chips, cookies, nachos, iced coke, and beer. These are the snacks that remind you that you’re in the middle of a game. Having that chilled coke is all you need in the middle of an intense game moment.

Since you are at home, apart from these snacks try to be more creative and bring in more variety to make your guests feel at the game with better snacking and screening options. You will also need a full-fledged meal for your friends and because you’re in it for the game, try getting something low-key, like pizzas or a slow cooker meal. If not low-key, assign people with categories such as appetizers, main course, and dessert, so that one of you doesn’t get all the burden.

Drinks Drinks Drinks

Often at gatherings, the host tends to run out of drinks, and even if you have lots and lots of snacks, nothing beats those chilled bottles of soda and beer, but what takes the drinking game to the next level is making live cocktails. You can make your game different by making different cocktails for your guests according to their taste. The first thing you need to do is stock up on lots and lots of ice, then get citrus, fruits, sweeteners, and ask your friends to bring their favorite liquor, and let your guests be creative with their drinks.

Who would have thought of having their own customized cocktail at a Knicks game?


Usually, at games, people tend to play live games in very bad resolution just for the sake of it, but no one realizes how important the small visual and audio details of the game are for some people. To make your experience one of a kind, play the game using the best speakers so that you can feel the noise in the stadium. For visual details, stream the game on a good streaming service that provides good HD quality screening.

One of the best streaming packages to swear by, is the Spectrum Silver package which comes with free HD and 175+ streaming options including sports live streaming in HD. It also comes with its own internet which ensures unlimited data, and disturbance-free streaming. We don’t want disturbance in our game, do we?


It is naturally important to keep the lights down when you’re watching some, but which lights to keep down is the question. One thing you should make sure of is that no lights should be lit against your screen or they will start reflecting on the screen. Make sure the room is not very dark but also not very bright, it should be a little dim and the screen should not reflect. Lights matter big time when you’re watching something important.

Set The Vibe

Be the good host and get yourself and your friends’ jerseys with their favorite player’s name and number on it, and also get the New York famous hand, but remember to do everything before the game starts because after the game starts, no one moves.

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