Chin-chin and cheers! Is it not that time again? That time to let loose and spend some quality time in your favorite bar? Especially when taking a trip to good old Germany, you will want to check out the top bars of the country. How about a little trip to Berlin, to check out what the capital has to offer? The Rau & Herzlich in Berlin Kreuzberg has opened its doors in a street corner that is not quite free of conflict. Between Futschi (a local shot), Filou, and gentrification debates (which you will find anywhere in berlin), you can spend the day here from noon tonight. In the kitchen, barbecue, vegan dishes or breakfast on weekends await you.

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The bar is still in the concept phase, but one thing is for sure: if the Booze Bar means anything to you, you will feel right at home here among the first-class drinks, served in an unpretentious ambiance and relaxed atmosphere. Speaking of the Booze Bar. The jewel that brought bar culture to the former booze mile in the heart of Friedrichshain: Since 2011, owner Lutz Rau and his long-standing Booze Boys have been celebrating an uncomplicated form of bar culture in the middle of the Friedrichshain neighborhood. But with drinks at the highest level and a Berlin-hearty service. Even fire damage could not change this, which led to several months of closing time in 2016.

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One of the few top bars that were able to establish itself with real cocktail nerds as well as with the neighborhood – since day 1 true to the motto: “No Shisha, no Happy Hour, no Shit”. Should you want to spend some quality time sipping excellent cocktails, but you are missing the perfect companion, check out the Ivana Models Escort Service to find your escort girl Berlin. Have you found the green door yet: Few places can tell as much about Berlin bar culture as the Green Door. Other bars came with a lot of tam-tams and only a short time later burnt out like shooting stars at the fast-moving Berlin gastro-firmament. But the Green Door remains. Since 1995 it has stood for the finest bar culture and has not stood still professionally. You enter by ringing the bell and then stand in a long tube dominated by the bar counter. There one is served carefully and purposefully. That’s how you run a great bar.

Should you be in Hamburg, you can not miss out on “the Lion”. Is it a blessing or a curse? The bar is the home of the legendary Gin Basil Smash, and so every member of the bar team must have a perfect command of its preparation. This strengthens the bond of the team. For each guest the visit of the “Lions” a blessing, because the team dominates the magic of the bar night perfectly. Restrained and personal at the same time, attentive and discreet. In addition, charming, smart, and equipped with the skills to celebrate perfect drinks. What a perfect place to spend the night.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in Frankfurt, make sure to spend a night or two at the Roomers hotel bar. The Frankfurt institution will definitely leave a lasting impression. Elegant ambiance with a touch of burlesque charm offers the beautiful bar of the Roomers Design Hotels. Awards, like the Mixology Bar Award as bar team of the year 2011, show the consistency and focus, with which Roomers presents bar culture. A hotel bar, as it should and must be: A relaxed place for hotel guests and a proven address for the locals. In addition a place of filigree drinks and delicious creations.

No matter where you find yourself, any cocktail experience will be infinitely enhanced with the company of a charming escort girl by Ivana Models.

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