So, you’ve somehow found your way to this article. Perhaps you’re just curious about what games the App Store has to offer, or you’re just itching for some entertainment after a long day of work or school – either way, we got you!

These games are free to play but ads are imminent to feed the mouths of developers (please pay your devs, guys!). But no worries, there are options where you can pay to make the ads go away forever for a certain fee, which you could just settle by getting some iTunes Gift Cards.

As mobile gaming continues to grow and make its mark in the gaming world, we bring to you some notable free-to-play games that could be found on your iOS devices right now.

Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter hails from the wacky creators of Exploding Kittens – a notable card game that was also brought to mobile for your entertainment. For the curious, Exploding Kittens is a card game with weird, fantastical cats that could end in random explosions. It’s hilarious fun, adrenaline-pumping, and borderline weird – which are the same words we would use to describe Kitty Letter!

In Kitty Letter, you would have to unscramble words from a random array of letters to allow your army of cats to lay siege on your neighbor’s house and their very own army of cats. It is essentially, an all-out word cat battle with a cartoony soundtrack and weird graphics.

Sky: Children of the Light

A beautiful game for you to wind down with after a long day, Sky: Children of the Light brings peace and good vibes to those who want a calming game. It is a social game, as you befriend others in order to fully progress and learn the mechanics of the game. It’s the kind of game that gives you the warm fuzzies inside.

The whole idea of the game is to look for light, explore, and fly around the seven realms with strangers that you befriend along the way. Another special mechanic when it comes to befriending others, this game does not have a voice or chat function. Everything is done through character gestures – which are limited in the first place. So keep an open heart and mind as you soar through the sky!

Sprint RPG

A fast-paced RPG that combines your combat and memory skills into one gameplay set in a monochrome pixelated world. The concept of this game is that players will have to memorize various enemy patterns in order to defeat them as fast as possible. There are various weapons and the game can literally be played with only one hand (if you’re up for that).

Get drawn into the world of monsters with wonderful sound design and music as you continue to fill up your book of beasts. Finishing a level has never been more satisfying with this challenging yet casual game!

pink (game)

For the uninitiated, pink might be a confusing and weird puzzle game that truly does not make any sense at all. But for those who have tried out Bart Bonte’s other colored puzzles (yellow, red, black, blue, and green); pink might be an expected treat. Also, who knows what Bonte will get up to once he’s run out of colors!

There’s a total of 50 levels and players would have to figure out how to turn the whole screen pink. The answers are usually right there in front of you, which can be frustrating when you waste your time clicking on everything and resorting to a hint. When you’re done with pink and decide you want to be challenged further, you can take a look at the other titles we’ve mentioned previously.

Time Locker

Can’t really make a list without at least one shooter game, now can we? Time Locker is an arcade shooter game where you can control and even pause time. There are a variety of characters with different abilities that you can try out as you navigate a world filled with animals running around trying to knock you down.

The art style and concept of this game are rather unique and rare. It is a pretty simple and straightforward game, but it does offer a challenge as an arcade shooter – even with one-touch controls.

Beat Street

One of those games that you start playing to let off some steam when someone has been grinding your gears – Beat Street is reminiscent of the classic beat-em-up arcade brawlers we all have come to love. It looks and feels retro, but it is as modern as it gets when you can control everything with a single thumb.

In Beat Street, you are in charge of ridding the streets of sentient rodents by beating them up with weapons or your bare hands (the best manmade weapon there is, honestly). Its touchscreen controls are smooth and allow for liberating gameplay as you beat up everyone in your path with punches and kicks.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Looking for a racing game with cool graphics and perhaps auto-drive? Well, say less and look no further! Asphalt 9: Legends is here for you to show off all your cool tricks and drifts without having to stress about steering. Although it does seem weird that a racing game doesn’t let you steer, you’ll be preoccupied with other stunts.

And don’t worry, you can manually steer if you really want to – just toggle the settings. Anyways, you’ll be performing drifts, jumps, and shoot through the race track with nitro blasts all while putting stunt drivers from the Fast and Furious franchise to absolute shame.

To Conclude

These are just some of the many free-to-play games that we would encourage you to try out from the App Store. They’re fun, casual, and don’t take up much time unless you’re absolutely engrossed and obsessed with them from the first level (we don’t blame you there, honestly). Do let us know of other iOS games that we should try out or take note of in the comments below!

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