With over 150 million users on the platform, it is obvious OnlyFans is not joking around. Its growth and popularity over the years, however, took time to happen. OnlyFans started as just another simple platform after its launch in 2016, but it took the next couple of years to hit the world stage. The Covid-19 pandemic, many argue, was the catalyst that catapulted OnlyFans to the top of its game.

Now, adult entertainers, exotic dancers, and models are turning to OnlyFans to ply their trade and still earn money doing so. The platform is home to all kinds of kinky fantasies and adventures. You can find females, transgenders, and even couples pairing up to create raunchy content for their teaming, loyal fan base.

So, what will we look at for this topic? The best OnlyFans couples’ accounts for the voyeurs! Here, we will reveal five couples pairing up and doing their thing on OnlyFans. Read on to find out who they are.

Nick and Di

No. 1 on our onlyfans couples list is the duo of Nick and Di. A tight couple straight out of America’s Midwest, the two have made their mark by delivering high-quality explicit content for their fans. These two are not afraid to get dirty as they are always locked in intimate situations. Their content range from casual sensual to downright hardcore pornography.

Ready for the naughty stuff? Be sure to get a full dose of that with Nick and Di. This couple has a tight connection that fans enjoy, and many are ready to tip every time to gain access. At just $10 a month, you have exclusive access to the couple’s over 6000 posts. You can give them a go next time you are on the platform.

Booty and the Beast

The name alone speaks for itself. Booty and the Beast have earned their stripes for teaming up on some of the most provocative sessions. When you hear the word “Booty,” you immediately know what you are in for. Booty has one of the most rotund asses in the business, and she doesn’t hesitate to throw it around.

The beast, on the other hand, lives up to his name. And sure, he just can’t get enough of that booty. These two have a strong chemistry that endears people to them, and they’ve played out almost every fantasy you can think of. Talk about threesomes, BDSM, chat sex – they’ve been there. Follow them to get scoops on their latest offerings.

Ellie & Lou

Next on the list of best OnlyFans couples is the Ellie & Lou duo. These two have become the favorites of many OnlyFans users. Now, you might wanna ask why. Here’s a teaser. It’s quite the norm that most people go on OnlyFans, or porn sites for that matter, to get their rocks off on instant stuff. But that’s not the kink with Ellie & Lou.

The two are known to create the perfect romantic ambiance that is quite different from the traditional hardcore scenes we are used to. If you enjoy foreplay and intense making out, then the Ellie & Lou combo is the way to go. They have both mastered the art of creating a warm, virtual sensation that is almost real in every way. If you crave intimacy, you need to get on the Ellie & Lou train.

Karly and Mom

This one’s more like a bonus tip. Up until this time, we’ve mentioned only male and female duos. Check this. Karly and Mom are a dangerous mother/daughter duo. This is one taboo that has been rocking for a lot of guys and even gals on OnlyFans for a while now. Who knew incest could turn a kink? Yes, that is what it is.

Karly and Mom are bringing alive a concept that leaves tongues wagging about how far we are willing to go to bring out those deep freaks in us. This duo is simply a replica of what mom and daughter can get into when no one’s watching.

Jack and Jill

We finish this up with the indelible pair known as Jack and Jill—a delight for those into real hardcore porn. These two will make one of the most rump escapades on the platform. And it is simply that level of intensity that makes people flock to their account. Their bedroom action is unmatched, as there is no shortage of wild fantasies explored.

You can hop over to OnlyFans and start following these two. There is a whole load of dirty photos and videos to keep you spellbound.

Get In Touch With Your Freaky Side

That’s it, guys. You’ve just learned about the five best OnlyFans couples’ accounts for voyeurs. These are some of the best in the game, not to say there isn’t a whole lot more. But check these out and see what you make of them. You might just be in for the moment of a lifetime.

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