Slots are not entirely based on luck. That’s the reason why many people are wondering whether or not they can influence their winning odds while playing.

Is There a Real Chance to Influence Your Winning Percentage in Slots?

Undeniably, slots are the most popular gaming products in the casino industry. They are fun and diverse, and sometimes, players can earn mesmerizing prizes in a matter of minutes. A lot of active bettors are looking for a way to break the code and influence their odds while playing. But is there really a way to do so?

Brief History of Slot Machines

It is said that the very first slot machine was invented in New York back in 1891. In the following years, more similar products started to appear, and players’ interest kept growing. 1976 is the year that marked the release of the first video slot delivered by Fortune Coin. In 1996, bettors were presented with a video slot game that was even better. The reason being was that it had a built-in bonus round gamblers could activate while playing.

How Did Slot Machines Move Online?

As aforesaid, the first video slot was launched in 1976. That, of course, resulted in the foundation of several online casinos. People found it much more convenient to gamble from their homes rather than visiting the local gambling house. Eventually, virtual casinos became much more popular than physical ones.

At present, people can access numerous online slots, such as those presented on and many other platforms. The games’ rules are incredibly simple, and today, they come with multitudinous special features and bonus rounds.

Gambling Addiction and How to Deal with It?

Unfortunately, no matter how fun slots can be, they can seriously affect the lives of those who cannot control themselves when it comes to gambling. That’s one of the reasons why there are so many organizations and online tools that can be of help to those in need. BeGambleAware, for example, provides confidential and completely free of charge help and advice.

Those who believe that they are developing a gambling addiction are recommended to seek help as early as possible. Another thing worth mentioning is that all licensed online casinos permit registered customers to completely exclude themselves from any gambling activity.

Are Online Casinos Fair or a Scam

When the first online casinos emerged, many people were quick to conclude that they were nothing but a scam. The truth is, however, that legal casinos that have been licensed by the respective legal authorities are completely trustworthy. In fact, a valid license number is the first thing a bettor should look for when accessing a new casino.

It proves that all gambling activity presented on the website has been approved, and the operator is permitted to offer such services to people of legal age. Checking out the license’s validity is the best way to ensure that the betting platform is completely safe and dependable.

Plus, all games presented on the site – slots, table games, or live dealer games, should be completely legit. Casino games delivered by reputable software providers go through many evaluations before being defined as fair.

How Is the Chance of Winning in Different Slot Machines Determined?

Casinos have a house edge, which determines what their advantage would be. Slots, on the other hand, have the so-called RTP, which shows how many percentages of their overall bets will be returned to them eventually. We use the word eventually simply because the period of time they may win their money back is non-defined. The RTP of slots may vary between 88% and 99%. The higher the return-to-player ratio is, the better.

As for the winning results in slots, you should remember that they are entirely based on RNG. Put differently. Slots use a random number generator software that produces millions of sequences every second. This would mean that the results in online machines are completely random and cannot be influenced by anything.

In the previous sections, we mentioned that slots go through many evaluations. They are conducted by testing labs, such as eCOGRA, for example. They determine whether or not the RNG software is working properly.

What to Do to Win More and Lose Less When Playing Online Slots?

As you already know, results in slots cannot be influenced. However, there are a few simple tricks you may implement to reduce your losses and potentially increase your winnings. First and foremost, it is recommended to always choose online slots with high RTP. Additionally, choosing games with beneficial bonuses may turn out to be quite advantageous to a player.

Another thing bettors are advised to do is to draw up a budget. For example, if one has a lot of money to play with, perhaps high-variance slots will be more suitable for them. On the other hand, if a player has a low budget for gambling, low and medium variance games will be the better options.

High volatility slots offer higher payouts. However, winning combinations are landed less frequently. Medium and low volatility slots, on the other hand, are associated with more frequent but less considerable winnings.

And thirdly, always make sure you spend a fair amount of time playing the demo version of the slot you’ve picked. This way, you will get familiar with the game’s specificities, and you will be better prepared when you proceed with betting on a real online casino.

Are Bonuses and Jackpots in Online Slots Important to the Player?

Slots with bonuses are definitely more favored than those without built-in mini-games. The reason being is that bonuses may often lead to substantial winnings. The most popular types of bonus rounds offer free spins, multipliers, expanding Wild symbols, and so on.

Jackpots are also popular. They can be fixed or progressive. Although slots with progressive seem tempting due to the immense potential reward one can get, these jackpots are quite difficult to trigger. One of the reasons for this is that they can only be won if the player lays the maximum possible bet.

Therefore, we may say that bonuses surely are superb, and players should always choose games with high RTP and at least one bonus they may activate during the game. Jackpots, on the other hand, are not that important when it comes to choosing a slot.


With all that has been said so far, we may conclude that a player cannot really influence the outcomes when playing online slots. That’s because machines rely on RNG software that cannot be affected by any external factor. Nevertheless, by following the tips and tricks listed in one of the previous paragraphs, a player may certainly decrease the number of their losses and potentially increase their earnings.

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