Cycling is a very thrilling sport. Not only is it one of the sports in the Olympics, but many people are becoming involved with cycling by practicing this themselves.

There are several benefits that cycling can offer for your health. They include helping people have better cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, and improved joint mobility. Other benefits include decreased stress levels, improved posture, and coordination, strengthened bones, reduced body fat levels, and better prevention and management of diseases.

Aside from the growing community of cyclists, it is interesting to note that there are individuals who are having fun watching this sport from a different perspective. This perspective is through betting on cycling. In this article, you will get to know cycling betting, cycling odds, and the trends that are predicted to become popular in the world of cycling betting this 2022.

Cycling Betting And Betting Online

While interested bettors wager at online sites, know that many cycling punters receive top cycling odds, with an additional option of three liberal sign-up bonuses upon registration. These sites typically estimate cycling wagering odds on many highly-regarded UCI tour events, including Vuelta a España, Giro d’Italia, and Tour de France.

Vuelta a España Betting

Conducted every September in Spain, the Vuelta a España is ranked next to the related events in Italy and France in terms of significance and prestige. The entire race is accomplished in 20 stages. Distinctive to the event is a golden jersey awarded to the winner instead of a yellow Jersey awarded in two other Grand Tour races. The 2009 Vuelta a España was won by Valverde. Tony Rominger and Roberto Heras clinched the top spot in the Tour thrice.

Tour de France Betting’

Tour de France is touted as the most popular event in the world of cycling. The tour race happens over 20 states, through the Alps Mountains and other spectacular scenery, adding up to a distance of around 4,000 kilometers.

The time achieved by each cyclist per stage is then merged to determine the overall winner of the event. Smaller title prizes are also available with races awarded with Polka Dot jersey, Yellow jersey, White jersey, and Green jersey.

Lance Armstrong has been the most successful rider in the history of the race. He has won several times from 1999 to 2005.

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Giro d’Italia Betting

Also referred to as Giro, the Giro d’Italia is regarded as one of the most significant professional cycling races worldwide. Every year, the race is held in June or May over a 3,500-kilometer distance. Basically, the format of the race is similar to that of the Tour de France.

Russian cyclist Denis Menchov clinched victory in 2009, with Eddy Merckx, Fausto Coppi, and Afredo Binda having the record for maximum race victories, with five wins each.

Cycling Betting In 2022

Between stage races, one-day classics, and world championships, several websites offer plenty of opportunities to wager bets on cycling. Not only this but the 2022 season, though it has not happened yet, promises to be an exciting season for punters.

To recap this year’s events, the Deceuninck-Quick Step team has the most wins in 2021, with 25 World Tour victories ahead of Jumbo-Visma. The two Slovenians, namely Tadej Pogacar and Primoz Roglic, are the only two to have passed the 10-win mark for cyclists. Naturally, Slovenia is the country that has succeeded with the most, trailing ahead of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Whether you choose to place your bet before the race or participate in live bets based on the peloton’s movement, these betting sites online will offer you the best experience as the races of the season transpired.

Grand Tours Betting

The Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France, and the Vuelta a España are the three most extensive cycling tours globally. These events bring together the most talented cyclists, such as the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar, who has won the last two editions of the Grand Loop, referred to as the reference race par excellence. The Tour de France, on the other hand, is the only category 1, while the Tour of Italy and Spain share the same spot as category 2. You can actually get started betting for Tour de France 2022 now, or you may also check out the Giro d’Italia odds.

For these events, several betting websites can offer bettors bets on the winners of each day, may this be high mountain stages on gravel roads or the winners of the individual time trial. You can also bet on the other categories, such as the best sprinter, the best climber, or the best World Tour team, aside from betting on who will win the general classification.

Recommended Cycling Bets

Take note that the peak form of cyclists cannot last throughout the season. Teams need to plan the best they can on who will be in shape to shine in one or more events. As a recommended bet, it is vital to look at who is coming into form. Take this as a tip. In the weeks toward the race you want to bet on, it will help you win if you research the performance of the cyclists and their teams.

As the season progresses, those who have not yet won will be thirsty for victory, and every day offers a chance for them to redeem themselves. Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel are the two super champions of the one-day classics peloton. The Belgian has 13 wins in 2021, and the Dutch has eight.

The 2022 Calendar

Without any obligation to participate, the World Tour teams automatically get invited to the 35 events slated for 2022. Furthermore, the 19 UCI ProTeam teams, which correspond to the second division, are fighting to complete the peloton, depending on whether they ride at home or away. Plus, two places are also available for international races.

The best thing about betting on cycling, the bettor also wins big as their bet wins. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

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