Microsoft Word is one of the most useful tools for many offices and businesses. It serves as the basic tool for documenting information, reports, contracts, memos, and more. Because of this, it has become an integral part of your day to day life as an employee. MS Word is like an upgraded version of the old-school typewriter. Aside from encoding texts and information, it will allow you to format your file.

However, if you want to preserve your word document, it’s better to convert it to a more permanent file such as a PDF. It’s a universal file format that saves an image-finish of the document that is more user-friendly. There are many ways to convert Word to PDF free of charge, but before you do so, let us give you some reasons why it is a smart choice to use PDF for the long term.

1. Your document will keep its integrity.

You can not. Once you send it out to other users, they will only be able to read it. It is basically like reading an e-book. PDF files are meant for the browsing experience. If you convert your word document to PDF, you can be sure that the content of your file will not change. Unlike in word documents where a user will have the capacity to edit or modify the content of your document, PDF will keep its integrity.

2. You can keep the formatting regardless of whoever reads it.

Microsoft Word comes in different versions. Each version has several features that may not be available on the older releases. Because of that, there is a high chance that the formatting will change if the recipient of your file is using another version.

Moreover, font styles are computer-based. They are installed on a specific device so the user can utilize it. If other users don’t have the font you used on the document, your overall aesthetic will be ruined. With PDF, everyone else who has access to the file will see the same layout as you do. PDF will keep the original formatting of your file to make it look more presentable.

3. You can access your document on all devices.

Compatibility is one of the strongest suits of PDF files. You can access it on all devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. To add, it also works perfectly on various operating systems and browsers. You don’t need to worry about installing another software to read a PDF file. You can view it using a generic PDF reader or a browser.

4. Your PDF can be secured with a password.

It is expected that you use MS Word to draft confidential documents such as contracts, business reports, and invoices. Because of this, we recommend that you limit the access of unauthorized persons to your file. With PDF, you can encrypt a password on your file and require it before opening the document. So, if you are going to share this information with other people and send it via email, it’s best if it will only be available to those who are supposed to access it.

5. Your file does not have a software version requirement.

If you have a PDF file that was converted a decade ago, you can still open it seamlessly on the latest version of PDF readers. This software does not have a lot of version upgrades, so it doesn’t require you to have the latest version to access any file. It’s pretty generic, which makes it convenient to use for all document management.

6. You can effectively manage your files.

There are different ways to manage a PDF file. With the help of a reliable online PDF tool such as Gogopdf, you can split or delete some pages of your PDF file, you can watermark and page numbers, and you can even affix your signature on the document.

There are a lot of ways to effectively manage your file when you use PDF. Converting your word to a PDF file is like digitally printing your document. You can save it on different folders and label them based on their category.

7. You can combine your PDFs in the future.

One of the most efficient PDF features is called Merge. It’s the ability to combine multiple PDF files and save them as one document. Through time, you will have a lot of PDF files on your computer. Most of which belong to the same category, such as projects, dates, profiles, etc. By using the Merge function, you can consolidate all these documents into a single file. It will be easier for you to manage your documents, plus it will lessen the clutter on your computer.

8. Your file will look more professional.

Sending a Microsoft Word of your contract is a bit tacky. It looks very unprofessional. If you want to set a good impression on your business partners and clients, always convert your word documents to PDF. In that way, they will receive paper works that look professional.

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