Skillshots are a core aspect of League of Legends gameplay. They are abilities that require the player to aim and predict the movement of their opponent to land them successfully. Dodging skillshots is a crucial skill for any player, as it can be the difference between life and death in a game. In this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks to help you become a master at dodging skillshots in League of Legends.

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Anticipate your opponent’s movements

The key to dodging skillshots is to anticipate your opponent’s movements. Players tend to follow certain patterns in their movement, so try to predict where your opponent will move next. For example, if your opponent is retreating, they may move in a straight line, making it easier for you to predict their movement and dodge the skillshot.

Use movement abilities

Many champions in League of Legends have movement abilities that can help them dodge skillshots. For example, Ezreal has his Arcane Shift ability, which allows him to quickly dash in any direction. Similarly, Lucian has his Relentless Pursuit ability, which allows him to quickly dash in the direction he is moving. Using movement abilities can help you avoid skillshots and reposition yourself in fights.

Stay behind minions

Minions can act as a shield against skillshots. If you position yourself behind your minions, the enemy champion will have to aim around them to hit you. This can make it harder for them to land their skillshots and give you more time to react and dodge.

Watch for enemy animations

Most skillshots have a distinct animation that can help you predict when they are about to be used. For example, when Lux uses her Light Binding ability, she raises her wand and channels her energy before firing the skillshot. By watching for these animations, you can predict when the skillshot is coming and prepare to dodge it.

Use terrain to your advantage

Terrain can be used to your advantage when dodging skillshots. For example, if you are being chased by an enemy champion, try to run toward bushes or other obstacles that can block their skillshots. Similarly, if you are in a team fight, try to position yourself near walls or other obstacles that can help you dodge skillshots.

Predict the enemy’s aim

In addition to predicting your opponent’s movement, try to predict where they will aim their skillshot. For example, if you see the enemy champion aiming their skillshot at a minion, you can anticipate that they are trying to hit you as well. By predicting their aim, you can position yourself to dodge the skillshot.

Final Words

In conclusion, dodging skillshots is a crucial skill in League of Legends. By anticipating your opponent’s movements, using movement abilities, staying behind minions, watching for enemy animations, using terrain to your advantage, and predicting the enemy’s aim, you can become a master at dodging skillshots and gain an edge in fights. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep practicing, and you’ll be dodging skillshots like a pro in no time.

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