Cyberpunk 2077 was the most eagerly anticipated game of recent times; the hype train was real. CD Projekt Red, creators of the amazing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, delayed the game’s launch several times as they tweaked tinkered with the nuts and bolts of the game. This only served to stir up even more hype.

December 10 was launch day and gamers around the world clambered to download and install Cyberpunk 2077. Eye-popping graphics, a vibrant world, and a Hollywood-grade narrative were all for nothing because the game is broken. Like really broken. It’s that broken that Sony removed it from the PlayStation Store on December 17 and offered refunds to any PlayStation owner that bought this seriously flawed masterpiece.

While this AAA video game is bitterly disappointing in its current form, don’t give up hope just yet because some epic titles started life as a broken mess. Patches and updates turned these ugly ducklings into beautiful swans. CD Projekt Red has promised to work tirelessly to improve players’ experience, just like these developers did with the following games.

No Man’s Sky – Hello Games

Calling Hello GamesNo Man’s Sky ambitious is possibly the biggest understatement ever. The developer promised a universe with 18 quintillion planets in a procedurally generated universe. It delivered but Hello Games came under criticism for lackluster and repetitive gameplay.

Several features were missing from the game at launch and Hello Games remained silent for months after launching. It’s safe to say it was a flop.

Fear not space travelers because Hello Games more than stepped up to the plate. They worked around the clock – they continue to release updates and content for free four years on – and No Man’s Sky is now the game it should have been at launch.

Explorers can now enjoy multiplayer components, vehicles to drive across vast planets, base-building, cross-platform play, and even play in virtual reality. No Man’s Sky has gone from zero to hero.

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Destiny – Bungie

Destiny was one of the first major titles to launch on the previous generation of consoles. Can you believe it came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September 2014? Wow!

First-person Shooter fans snapped up Destiny like there was no tomorrow; it sold more than $325 million worth of copies in its first five days, making it the biggest new franchise launch of all time. But, and it’s a big but, Bungie failed to keep its promise of “continuously updating the game from now until the end of time.”

Year One content was poor and players quickly grew bored of grinding the same handful of locations against a limited variation of enemies. A couple of small expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, hardly set the world alight.

The Taken King expansion launched on Destiny’s one-year anniversary and it took the game to a whole new level; it became the game it should be. Then Bungie treated us to the Rise of Iron expansion on Year Three and we all headed back to what had turned into a superb game.

GTA V Online – Rockstar Games

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Grand Theft Auto Five (GTA V) is an incredible game, potentially the GOAT, and a game with a stupendous online world. That online world has allowed Rockstar Games to rake in more than $6 billion since the game’s launch all the way back in 2013.

GTA V Online wasn’t always highly regarded, in fact, it didn’t even work at one point. As someone who headed to the midnight launch of the same on September 17, 2013, I had to wait until October 1 for GTA V Online to launch and I wish it hadn’t when Rockstar pressed the green button.

It was broken beyond belief. Textures didn’t load in, games froze, loading screen hung and you were frequently kicked from the game if you ever managed to get the damned thing to load. Fast forward to today and the GTA V Online world is a work of art and one of the most enjoyable online experiences in gaming.

Cyberpunk 2077 is disappointing in its current state, especially on the PS4 and Xbox One, but we have every faith in CD Projekt Red coming good. They’ve already promised an upcoming patch and that won’t be the only one released. Hang tight, there is an incredible video game behind those stuttering frame rates.

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