October 28, 2021

It is clear as day that you utilize electricity to make your business run each day. While there are some aspects of your enterprise that do not take up many resources. You might not realize that a lot of them do. However, that does not mean you should start cutting off specific things so you can keep the ship sailing.

The Uses Of Electricity For Business

There are several appliances and equipment that use electricity. Check some of them out below:

  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Office lighting
  • Water heating systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Computers and printers
  • Server storage and hardware
  • Routers and modems
  • Telephones
  • Entertainment devices

These items may be a bit similar to those you have at home. But you have to take note of one thing. that the bill your pay for your commercial endeavor is not the same as the one at home.

An Annual Usage Check

Most businesses monitor how much electricity they use each year. Here is a quick comparison:

  • 7,500 to 8000kWh each year for micro-businesses
  • 20,000 to 25,000kWh for small businesses
  • 35,000kWh for medium organizations
  • 45,000 onwards for large-scale operations

The scale of your business is one of the primary factors that determine how much you use. Other determinants include:

  • Location
  • Number of electricity-using equipment and facilities
  • Business electricity tariff
  • Your contract with an energy provider

A Contract?

That is right. You must have a contract with a resource provider if you want to make use of electricity for your business concern. You can choose an agreement that benefits your industry – the same goes for your wallet.

Ways To Save

  • Reduce usage

You can do that by looking for tools and other equipment that consume too much energy and replacing them with energy-saving alternatives. You can also unplug appliances and devices if they are not in use. Take note that these things still consume electricity by merely staying plugged.

  • Education

You can also educate yourself and your employees with proper and less workplace energy consumption. It can get tricky or challenging to pull off. But once you get to send the message, expect to have reduced usage in the next couple of weeks.

  • Try using solar systems.

Another decent way to save on electricity is to use solar power systems. Having them for your business will not only make you save time and resources. A solar power system does not have any negative impacts on the environment either. So, it is a win-win for you.

  • Changing your resource provider.

Switching from one energy provider to another might also solve your business’s electricity woes. But before you do that, you have to take a look at other providers and what they have to offer.

  • Tax breaks

You also have the option to contact your local government to see if you are eligible for any tax breaks. There are states whose governments and local authorities offer tax rebates and incentives for businesses that use power-saving equipment.

  • Get an energy audit for your business.

An energy audit allows you to analyze your business’s power consumption. It also shows you other ways to save on electricity.

  • Plan trees.

It may not look like it, but having trees outside your office or facility helps with energy costs as well. How do you ask? It is simple. The trees will offer shade during the summer days and ward off harsh and cold winds during the winter season.

  • Timer systems.

You can also set up a timer system for your industry. It will manage the heating, lighting, and other resources. Plus, it would pay off to find out about smart systems that automate workplace devices and appliances. A perfect example of this would be a system that shuts off the lights automatically after a person leaves the room. They might be expensive, but the cost will be worth it later.

If You Have Plans To Switch

Switching from one resource provider to another could be one of the best ways you can save on energy costs. You can do that with no professional help, or you can get a company to do it on your behalf. Finding such a company is a walk in the park. Either you visit an outlet in town, or you can head straight to the internet for answers.

Further Reading

You can access tons of articles, blogs, and media that inform you about what uses the most energy in your office. Reading through them would give you an insight into how to save on electricity and other resources. You also will learn many more tips and tricks. Plus, these forms of media are free for anyone to read.

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