Bowling is very popular these days and it is one of the most favorite pastime games for many people. It is a great physical activity and there are many advantages to bowling so let’s have a brief look at them in brief.

Advantages of bowling

  • Exercise- bowling can be a great exercise to strengthen your muscles and it is a combination of extending, bending, and lifting. Whenever you bowl you utilize your leg, wrist, shoulders, and arms which makes it a complete exercise. Also if you like cardio and you are not able to do it on a regular basis then you can start bowling. It will not only improve your mood but will also complete your cardio.
  • improve flexibility- you can get flexible if you start bowling as it requires an extensive range of motion, while bowling you not only twist your wrist but also bend your legs. The more you will practice bowling the more you will develop flexibility and stability.
  • Stress relief- bowling is a group activity where you interact with people that helps to improve your mental health, bowling with your friends gives you a break from your busy life which gets your blood pumping and keeps you happy emotionally and physically. It is a very healthy activity for your heart and mind. It not only promotes physical well-being but also promotes mental and emotional well-being.
  • Weight loss- bowling helps in speeding up the metabolism which helps you to slim down. While bowling your body moves constantly which helps to burn the excess fat. It also requires hand and eye coordination which helps to concentrate and stimulate mental alertness in the vision which results in Sharpening motor skills.
  • Easy to learn- this game is easy to learn as it does not have many rules and also it is very easy to find a place for bowling especially if you live in India then you can go bowling in Noida and enjoy your time with your friends and family.

How to bowl better

  • Choose the right size ball- the first step is to pick the right size ball because wait matters a lot as heavy balls require more force.
  • Keep the swing relaxed- you should not put too much pressure into the swing because as a result, it can slow your throwing. Try to keep a gentle pressure and then throw your ball.
  • Try to line up the shot- it is not important to aim at the center and if you want to hit all the pins then make sure you line up your shot.
  • Find your speed- it is very important to find the perfect speed which means a fast or a slow approach can make you lose.
  • Bowling trick- if you know bowling tricks then it can help you to win, you can also learn some tips through the internet.
  • Release- the last step is to release the ball while aiming for the pins. If you release your ball with perfect pressure and speed then you can knock down all the pins perfectly.


Bowling is a healthy activity for your heart and mind, it has many advantages and some of them are mentioned above. If you don’t know how to bowl better then you can use the tips mentioned above and win the game.

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