In this modern era, the trend of using electronic files like PDFs has made drastic changes to business and education. It includes both advantages and disadvantages. Now, the key to making it an advantage is to learn how PDF works. Managing PDF files can be a hassle sometimes.

If you want to experience less hassle and headaches, it would be perfect if you incorporate Gogopdf as your PDF partner. Gogopdf is a free platform that works as a PDF merger, converter, and compressor all at the same time. These are tools that you can freely use anytime.

That said, let us learn about these tools and the know-how to use them.

Free PDF Merger

Are you done seeing a cluttered computer desktop? Do you have loads of PDF files stored in different folders? That is exactly the reason why Gogopdf made a tool that can combine all of these PDF files. The PDF Merge Tool is a free tool that you can also access through the cloud system. Hence, there’s no need to download applications and software.

It helps you organize your files more professionally. On the other hand, Gogopdf can guarantee a high-quality result. Your file’s layout, format, and images inserted into the file will not be destroyed. Indeed, there’s nothing to doubt about the quality and accessibility of the tool.

Moreover, how will you merge multiple PDF files like that? Well, Gogopdf has a straightforward way of combining your files in less than one minute. Just follow these four quick and easy steps.

  • Step 1. You must upload those PDF files from your computer that you want to combine. By clicking the “Select Files” tab, you can browse manually through your folders and send the files to Gogopdf’s server. Alternatively, you may utilize the faster method, such as the “Drag and Drop feature.
  • Step 2. Next, the Gogopdf will then merge or combine your PDF files.
  • Step 3. From there, you will have to wait until the process is done before taking the last step. Usually, the process will only take a minute of your time.
  • Step 4. Finally, after a few moments, you can download and save your new, quality PDF file on your device or share the file on your Google Drive.

Change Word into PDF

If you use Gogopdf, you can 100% rely on its outstanding features and tools, including its converter tool. With this tool, you can convert a Word document to PDF as quickly and as easily as counting numbers. Interestingly, Gogopdf allows conversions from file formats, such as HTML, PPT, Excel, JPG, and vice versa.

Moreover, converting your Word document to PDF will save you more space in your storage. It also protects your file from unauthorized alterations. Also, there are no questions about its quality and efficiency.

On top of that, accessing Gogopdf and its tools will come in handy through the cloud, in different browsers, and on all platforms. Gogopdf is relatively the most convenient website you can ever get. Whether you are using Linux, Android, iOS, or even Windows, there should not be any trouble.

With this, learn these four quick and easy steps to get started.

  • Step 1. You are required to upload any Word document that you need to convert by clicking the “Select Files” tab or drag the file and drop it on their server.
  • Step 2. Gogopdf will then automatically begin scanning and extracting your file’s pages.
  • Step 3. From there, please wait for a little while until the conversion completes.
  • Step 4. Finally, your newest PDF file will be ready for you to download. Save the file on your computer, or share it on your Google Drive.

Turn Your PPT into PDF

Do you have to report a presentation to your boss? Make your PowerPoint presentation engaging and high-quality. However, what if your PPT presentation contains too many components that affect the quality of your presentation? Issues like this are often encountered when you have large PPT files.

One effective way to make it work smoothly again is to convert it into a PDF file. Using a PDF file is more convenient in presentations. Hence, here is how you should convert your PPT correctly.

  • Step 1. Primarily, upload a PowerPoint file in Gogopdf’s server by clicking the “Select Files” tab, or drag and drop the file on their conversion box.
  • Step 2. Automatically, the converter tool will start scanning and extracting the entire pages of the file.
  • Step 3. From there, you will have to wait for a little while before proceeding to the last step. Usually, it takes no longer than one minute.
  • Step 4. Finally, you can immediately download the newly converted PDF file and save it on your device, or share it on your Google Drive.

Compress Easily With Gogopdf

A Compressor tool by Gogopdf is another excellent tool that is mainly for reducing the size of your file. Printing, uploading, and sending webmails are processes that can be affected by large files. You will encounter incompatibilities and such. So, to avoid these instances, you may compress your file up to 70% with Gogopdf.

Here are the quick and easy steps.

  • Step 1. Upload a large PDF file to their server by clicking the “Select Files” tab.
  • Step 2. You will choose from available options that you prefer in compressing your file.
  • Step 3. Please wait for a few moments to complete the process.
  • Step 4. Finally, the newly compressed file will be available for you to download.


Indeed the world needs competitive people like you. With that, you should know how these essential matters work. From your Microsoft files to PDF files, Gogopdf will be here to offer you excellent features.

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