The Amazon FireStick is a streaming device that facilitates the connection between your TV and the internet to let you stream the desired content over the internet on your TV. The official name of the device is Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, it is more commonly known as FireStick.

Although it’s an Android-based device, it does not support Google Play services. It utilizes the modified Android OS and only supports the Amazon store instead of Google Play Store. FireStick facilitates the streaming of movies, shows, live TV, and all the desired digital content. Using the Amazon store via FireStick, the users can download numerous popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more.

Types of Fire TV Devices Available on Amazon

Currently, there are five types of devices available on Amazon:

  • FireStick 2nd Gen
  • FireStick 4K
  • Fire TV Cube
  • FireStick 3rd Gen
  • Fire TV Stick Lite

The above-stated devices differ in pricing but are fundamentally the same. However, some significant differences do exist! But, FireStick 4K is the most recommended version.

Functions of FireStick

Listed below are the primary functions of a TV FireStick:

  • Video Streaming (Movies, shows, etc.)
  • Music streaming
  • Play games
  • Acquire answers and information by making use of Alexa (voice-controlled AI)

Primarily, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is meant for video streaming. Its extraordinary capability of catering to the entertainment needs, that too effortlessly, has made it so popular!

The streaming apps that facilitate streaming can be downloaded from Amazon Store or side-load third-party apps. Besides, FireStick can be used to download and play games, though some games need the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller. But, that needs to be bought separately.

Alexa is the biggest and actual flex of FireStick and Fire TV. Alexa is a voice-controlled Artificial intelligence software that performs multiple functions. All you need to do is give voice commands to Alexa to open apps, tell a joke, locate a nearby seafood restaurant or narrate the weather report through the mic on the remote. If you are using a Fire TV Cube, Alexa also controls the other smart devices and appliances.

How Does FireStick Work?

The FireStick is quite easy to operate. It has the most user-friendly interface. Compared to other streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast, Android TV Boxes, Firestick is ranked at the top.

How to Get Started with FireStick?

After unboxing the FireStick, here is the list of the tasks that you need to perform:

  • Put the batteries in the remote.
  • Plug the FireStick into the HDMI port of the TV. An HDMI extender also comes along with the device, which could also be used for plugging the FireStick into the HDMI port.
  • Switch on the TV and select the HDMI port in which the FireStick has been plugged as the source
  • Now, connect the FireStick with the Power source.
  • Hold on till the FireStick powers up.

How to Set up the FireStick Device?

The initial processing via FireStick first requires it to undergo a basic setup which is a very easy process. Here is a complete and detailed guide that elaborates all the instructions regarding the setup of the FireStick streaming device.

Step. 1: Connect to the Wi-Fi

In order to operate the FireStick, you must have a Wi-Fi internet connection as it needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi, which is within reach of FireStick.

Step. 2: Sign up with Your Amazon Account

You definitely need an Amazon account to use and operate the FireStick. Without the Amazon account, it cannot be set up. If you do not own an Amazon account, you can make a free one using the Amazon web portal. However, if you own an Amazon account with a Prime membership, you must sign in with that because there is a massive and incredible content collection on Amazon Prime that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on! If the FireStick has been bought via Amazon, then it will get signed in automatically with the Amazon account if you select the option “Link to my Amazon account to simplify setup’ and the setup process becomes quick and simple.

FireStick and Free Streaming – How Does it Work?

This is the outstanding feature of the FireStick that has made it so popular around the world. You can use the device to stream free content like movies, shows, documentaries, sports, and much more. There is no limit to free streaming.

Jailbreak FireStick

Jailbreaking is the strategy that enables the users to discover the exact potential of FireStick or Fire TV. The process of jailbreaking enables the users to get access to unlimited free content- even enjoy watching porn on FireStick. Users can stream any of their favorite content, from the latest movies to trending shows.

Although jailbreaking is a lengthy process, but you can do it easily by following step-by-step instructions. Jailbreaking, though sounds like something shady, but it is not! It is just the name that makes it sound so, which the resellers commonly use. The process involves the installation of certain third-party apps which facilitate the streaming of free content.

There are a few myth-breaking facts about jailbreaking:

  • Jailbreaking does not impart any harm to the device.
  • Jailbreaking does not void warranty.
  • Jailbreaking does not mandatorily need technical knowledge.

Installation of Third-Party Apps

The jailbreaking process directs you to install the most popular apps, but there are numerous other third-party apps that can be installed on the device.

There is a list of the best FireStick apps available over the internet that help select the appropriate apps.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a portable dongle that can be plugged into the HDMI port of any TV and turns into a dynamic smart TV. The best part is its affordable prices. So, one can enjoy the features of a smart TV without spending a lot to buy a smart TV. How cool is that?

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