Currently, the online gaming industry is one of the highest-grossing industries in the world, and if you’ve been wondering why exactly is online gaming so popular, we are here to provide you with answers.

Although online games aren’t a novelty and they have been around since the ’90s, modern technological advancement enabled online games to flourish and to get more genuine than ever. The fact that the online gaming industry is currently worth around $2.9 billion in the USA only, tells a lot about how much potential online gaming has.

Many people use online games for relaxation, entertainment, and even socializing. A small percentage of those people are professional players which are streaming games, playing tournaments around the world, and earning huge revenue from sponsors and major companies.

And if you are wondering where can you find the finest online games, head out to the Australian Casino Bros website where you can choose the games of your preference. Now, let’s see the top five reasons why online gaming is so popular.

Human Connection

One of the main reasons why online gaming is superior to offline gaming is because humans are social beings, and the majority of us prefer interacting with other humans, instead of programmed bots, even if it means doing it online. This can lead to making a real-life connection between humans, since it’s very probable to meet friends while gaming online.

Because many people aren’t able/willing to go outside and socialize, in a way, they are adopting alternative option like online gaming. It gives players many great opportunities which perhaps wouldn’t be possible in real life.

Easy Access

Another reason why players find games attractive is because of their easy access. Nowadays, games can be played on so many devices (including the smart fridge!), and gaming is no longer the luxury of selected people who could afford consoles or computers.

Not only those games are cheaper than ever, contemporary online games can be played on the go, by using smartphone or tablet, and the whole progress is saved on a cloud so that players never have to bother about whether they’ll lose it or not.

Vast Assortment of Games

Currently, there are so many online games that it would be nearly impossible to count them. With that in mind, players can choose games of different genres, settings, themes and skill level. Many of these games are free to play, but the most high-grade games (including casino games) require players to spend real money to fully enjoy them. And that’s how the gaming industry keeps growing and improving, to offer the players best gaming experience, and state of the art technologies like VR, AR or cloud gaming.


Let’s face it, everyone likes to win, improve and advance, even if it means doing all of this in online game. Among many other things, video games can offer instant gratification which leads to releasing the hormones that make us happy. That’s why online casino games are among the most popular ones, as they can also allow people to win real money instead of advancing in levels only.

Additionally, it has been proven that online games are capable of improving the problem-solving skills, reflexes, creativity and mental health benefits. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone should play games all the time, on the contrary. It’s all about moderation and balancing between real and virtual life.


Once the major gaming corporations recognized how much revenue they can get from games, they have started organizing tournaments, which eventually grew into esports we know today. Esport competitions have started humbly, but eventually grew into multimillion dollar industry with millions of dollars in prize pools for the winning teams.

So naturally, novice players have started watching live streams and visiting these esport tournaments, many of them aiming to become experts like their favorite pro players, which only increased the popularity of gaming further.


Video games are improving over the years in every possible way, and the graphic quality looks almost like a real life. If you never tried online gaming yourself, give it a try, whether it’s a mobile, console or PC game. Maybe you’ll become gamer yourself.

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