A number of CS:GO players have become millionaires with large fan bases after turning professional over the past few years. These are five key steps to follow if you want to follow their lead:

Practice Makes Perfect

Mastering an esports like CS:GO is just like becoming a professional athlete, a virtuoso musician, or an award-winning actor. You have to work extremely hard over a long period of time in order to hone your skills. Natural talent certainly helps, but the only way to succeed is to subject yourself to an intense training schedule.

You cannot just dabble at CS:GO every now and then. You need to spend several hours practicing your craft on a daily basis – learning the weapons, getting to know the maps like the back of your hand, and playing Deathmatch or with bots to improve your aim.

Figure out which role you are best suited to. Some gravitate towards using an AWP, while others emerge as natural in-game leaders. Do you have the patience to be a lurker for a pro team, or would you be better suited to going in all guns blazing as an entry fragger? Pick your role, stick to it, and master it.

You need to hold extremely tight angles, consistently hit spray targets with multiple weapons, develop a strong flick range, regularly hit bunny-hops and surfs, and use unpredictable jiggle peeking to your advantage. You should be able to create and capitalize upon slight advantages, deliver unique techniques in clutch situations, offer proficient taping and reliable bursting, analyze and manipulate sound queues, and much more. You can only go pro after mastering advanced skills.

Improve Your Physical Fitness

The stereotype of gamers being overweight and sedentary could not be further from the truth in the modern esports industry. The best gamers work hard on their physical fitness, as they will reap the benefits when playing in big tournaments.

You need excellent concentration, anticipation, endurance, and alertness. A bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle will hinder your chances of success. Maintain peak physical condition and follow a healthy, balanced diet featuring lots of vegetables. If you take a look at the CSGO betting, you will see that most of the players on the big teams behave just like traditional athletes, with regimented physical training regimes and sports psychologists.

There are also specific physical exercises you need to do in order to enjoy a long-term career as a CS:GO pro. Do not neglect your wrist and forearm exercises, as a repetitive strain injury will quickly derail your chances of becoming a professional.

Buy the Best Hardware

You really need to invest in the very best gaming equipment if you want to compete with the elite CS:GO players. As a basic rule, your system should offer at least 250 FPS while gaming, and you should have a 250-hertz gaming monitor.

Aim and speed are crucial components for any CS:GO player, so you cannot hope to flourish if you are using a sticky old mouse on a rickety old table. You can start by purchasing an ApexDesk Elite Series desk, or perhaps a Eureka Ergonomic I1 if your budget will not stretch that far. Throw in a SecretLab Titan 2020 Series gaming chair, and then start thinking about your gaming PC, mouse, and keyboard.

You would give yourself the best chance of success by investing in a Zowie EC2 mouse and a HyperX Alloy FPS, and putting together the best gaming PC you can afford. It is a heavy initial investment, but it would seem paltry compared to the lavish sums of money on offer for some CS:GO pros. The Astralis stars earn a reported $364,000 per year as a basic salary, they have each earned more than $1 million in career prize money and they can top up their earnings with sponsorship deals.

Build Up a Profile

Building up your profile on the CS:GO scene can help you attract the attention of scouts for the major teams. They may also be more likely to take you on if you have already built up a large and dedicated fan base.

You might think that talent alone should guide their decisions, but esports teams are still businesses at the end of the day. They have to consider commercial aspects as well as skill and talent, and having popular players with large fan bases helps them sell sponsorship deals.

You can build up considerable momentum on your Twitch or YouTube page by regularly uploading entertaining or insightful content. Shroud has enjoyed tremendous success as a streamer – his viewer count peaked at 516,000 for a recent video – because he blends education with entertainment.

It is also a good idea to immerse yourself in the CS:GO community. Make friends with as many fellow players as possible, share ideas, and learn of potential opportunities.

Find a Team

The key consideration for any aspiring CS:GO pro is to find a team. Of course, you need to invest in the best gear, train like a demon, and build up a profile first, but then you need to convince a pro franchise to take a chance on you.

You might not be able to join an established multinational team at the very start of your journey. The likes of Vitality and NaVi will look to seasoned pros as they bid to knock Astralis off their perch, but you should be able to find smaller, ambitious teams in your region. Remember that the CS:GO scene is still in its infancy. Several teams have come from nowhere and shot to prominence in recent years. You can also play for a team for a period of time and then progress to a bigger franchise if you impress everyone with your skills.

You can only thrive as part of a team if you have strong communication skills. CS:GO is a multiplayer game, and you need to be in constant dialogue with your teammates, explaining every move you make so that they can react accordingly.

Learn how to clearly articulate what is happening and the potential dangers, and to call out location, health, and valuable information about an enemy in as concise a fashion as possible. You need to be able to call for aid in a calm and specific manner and keep your emotions in check. It may not come naturally to you, but once again, practice makes perfect.