GoPro cameras are the most versatile camera around the world. However, users are now facing GoPro SD card errors. Well, it is a common issue that doesn’t need technical troubleshooting.

Hereby, the task becomes easier when you know the causes that occur this problem on your GoPro camera. So, in this article, we have covered the causes as well as their effective solutions to get past the problem in no time.

But before diving into the causes and their fixes, let’s just have a quick look through the common GoPro SD card error.

Common GoPro SD Card Errors

  • GoPro “NO SD” or “SD ERR” Message
  • GoPro SD Card Error “SD card is empty”
  • GoPro memory card abruptly not working
  • GoPro “SD card is full” error

So, these are some GoPro SD card errors that you may encounter.

GoPro “NO SD” or “SD ERR” Message


NO SD” or “SD ERR” error message appears on your GoPro camera when the camera fails to connect with the SD card. The error message shows when the SD card is not recognized or detected by your camera. Therefore, in this case, make sure your SD card has been properly inserted into the camera. Or else you can also take out the SD card and reinsert it back to deal with this GoPro SD card error problem.

Moreover, if even after inserting the memory card properly can’t resolve the error issue then you can go for formatting the SD card. You can format the SD card either on the camera itself or on the system.

GoPro SD Card Error “SD card is empty”

SD card folder is an empty error” error message generally appears when your memory card got corrupted. SD card corruption can happen due to improper handling, virus-infected, interrupted file transfer, etc. Corruption can make your SD card files unreadable thereby resulting GoPro camera flashing the “SD card is empty” error.

GoPro “SD card is full” error

Well, the GoPro “SD card is full” error shows up due to an incorrect SD card file system. Here, the situation can be dealt with by reformatting your memory card thereby restoring it to its normal state. But formatting can cause data loss on your memory card. Therefore, make sure to keep a backup of all your SD card data before formatting.

What Causes GoPro SD Card Errors?

  • Poor Connection
  • Using Cheap or Normal SD Card
  • Corrupted or Damaged SD Card
  • Virus Infected
  • Bad sectors in SD Card

How Do I Fix GoPro SD Card Errors in Hero 7/5/4?

Solution 1: Check The Connection

The first thing you can do to fix GoPro Hero 7 black SD card error is to check that the memory card is been inserted properly into the camera. If not then follow the below steps to get past the error issue:

  • At first, plug out the card and clean the metal parts on the SD card carefully with a rubber or toothbrush.

7 Steps Repair SD Card Corrupted Or Error - Mobilintec.Net

  • Then, shut off the camera and turn it on to avoid temporary interference.
  • Next, clean the card slots well in the GoPro.
  • Now, reinsert your memory card properly into the camera and check for the error issue.

How to Put a Micro SD Card into GoPro Hero 3 Camera - YouTube

Solution 2: Use Another SD Card

As already mentioned above that using an inferior quality memory card can cause this error to arise on the GoPro camera. Therefore, make sure to use a superior quality SD card to avoid getting such error problems. Also, the cheap quality card can make the read/write process slow thereby causing the memory card to take a longer time than normal to process the stored data.

So, always prefer high-quality cards to have a faster read/write speed and to avoid facing GoPro 7 SD card errors.

Solution 3: Scan the Card For Errors

If your memory card got corrupted then you might get this error on GoPro. Therefore, check for the memory card errors via chkdsk. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Place the SD card in a card reader and insert the card reader into the system.
  • Go for Windows Start and click on computer.
  • Look for the SD card under Devices as removable storage, and remember the assigned drive letter.
  • Then, again visit the Start menu, and search for Command Prompt by typing cmd on the search box.
  • Now, on the appeared Command Prompt result make a right-click and select Run as administrator option.

Run as Administrator

  • Here, on the cmd panel run the command “chkdsk” followed by a drive letter and then type /f:r/f followed by hitting Enter.


  • Now, wait for the chkdsk to search for the errors and repair them.

Solution 4: Reinstalling the Disk Driver

Reinstalling the disk driver can fix the problem of disk drive unrecognized on PC further providing you access to your device data. Also, reinstallation can repair GoPro SD card error hero 7. So, follow the steps below for reinstallation of the disk driver.

  • Go for Windows Start.
  • Look for the Control panel.
  • Then, launch the Device Manager.


  • Now, click twice on the Disk drives option and then right-click on the Removable drive.
  • Tap on Uninstall.

Uninstall The Disk Driver

  • Once uninstalled, remove the memory card from the system and reboot your PC.

So, the blog covers all the facts related to the error to give you a better knowledge of the error thereby solving it in no time. I hope the mentioned effective solutions solve your GoProSD card error problem.

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