In today’s unbelievably fast-evolving technology, it is possible to do almost everything online, especially to do business and studies. Not only that, but it also includes buying groceries and even paying bills.

With this, you can also make such a difference; it can be through mastering a computer language like HTML. Regarding this, you will most likely need to work with a reliable website that can convert your HTML, Word, or JPG files into a more secured file format like PDF, and there is no more capable of doing it than GoGoPDF.

Do you want to try it? Simply go to their main site and here are the tools that you can find there for free. Explore and do more.

HTML To PDF Converter

HTML, known as the foundation of the World Wide Web. It is important to know that when you establish a website, protecting its framework is a must. What can you do to protect it? Well, a simple solution is a conversion. You may convert HTML to PDF as quickly as possible only if you use GoGoPDF.

How do you do that? Here are the most straightforward steps to guide you all the way.

  • Step 1. First, you will be required to retrieve the link of the HTML. In the provided conversion box, kindly paste the link.
  • Step 2. Then, click the “Convert to PDF” button right beside the box, and the conversion tool will start the conversion process immediately.
  • Step 3. Patience is key, so please wait for a few moments to complete the conversion.
  • Step 4. Finally, you can now get back and download and save your newest PDF file from GoGoPDF to your computer.

Word To PDF Converter

Using a Word file in presenting information can sometimes be trouble, especially if there are so many elements containing your file. A Word file can be a large file, making it difficult to upload or send through webmails. That is why it’s crucial to incorporate tools like GoGoPDF to lessen your work and burden.

Converting a file using devices with different operating systems is not an issue since GoGoPDF supports all platforms. Whether you use Android, Windows, or even Linux, you can still convert with ease. With a stable internet connection and a functional device, nothing could go wrong.

Moreover, if you are skeptical about uploading your files online, please go to GoGoPDF’s Privacy Policy, so you will know you are completely safe with the converter tool. With this, to try it, please use these four simple steps in converting with GoGoPDF.

  • Step 1. Go to GoGoPDF’s main site and search for the Convert PDF option, and select Word to PDF converter.
  • Step 2. Upload a Word file that you wish to convert by clicking the “Choose Files” tab or by the “Drag and Drop” feature of GoGoPDF.
  • Step 3. Afterward, the system will thoroughly extract and scan the uploaded file and begin converting it into PDF file format. The process will not take over one minute. Wait for it to finish converting.
  • Step 4. After a few moments, GoGoPDF will give you the nicely converted PDF file and be ready to download it. Save the file on your computer or any device.

JPG to PDF Converter

If you are handling tons of JPG file images on your computer and want to keep them all, maybe you should organize your computer. You can easily convert all those image files, so you can merge them easily after converting. This way, you are also reducing their file size, so you are saving up more space in your device as well.

Moreover, GoGoPDF ensures to keep the original quality of those files. Unlike other PDF sites, GoGoPDF is the free and efficient tool you can ever get. On the other hand, GoGoPDF and its converter tool will be accessible anytime and anywhere. GoGoPDF uses cloud technology, which means you can convert through the cloud! Hence, there is no need to download and install applications.

That being said, you may learn these steps and start using the converter.

  • Step 1. Upload a JPG image file to their system by clicking the “Choose Files” tab.
  • Step 2. Please choose from the available options what would you want to be the output format. Click the “Convert” button to start the conversion immediately.
  • Step 3. From there, please wait for a few moments. Let the converter tool do the rest of the work.
  • Step 4. Lastly, download the brand new PDF file and save it on your computer.

Protect PDF Tool

It is mostly recommended for all PDF users to secure their PDF files if they contain confidential information to avoid unauthorized access. It is interesting since you can customize your code, so only you will know the password. Encrypting, a PDF-only takes four simple steps:

  • Step 1. Upload a PDF file by clicking the “Select Files” tab.
  • Step 2. Once uploaded, you are required to create a customized code with characters and symbols; afterward, click the “Encrypt” button.
  • Step 3. After a few seconds, now you can finally download your locked PDF file and save it to your computer.


Looking for reliable software that can help you is challenging. There are hundreds of PDF sites online, but remember to use GoGoPDF as a keyword. It’s truly your best bet for all your document needs. Try it out for yourself today!