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So you are looking for a new laptop that will improve your gaming experience but haven’t decided whether to go with an AMD or Intel laptop yet. The debate between which is better, AMD or Intel, has been going on for years now. Even though some gamers swear by one brand over the other, if your budget allows it, then you really can’t make a wrong choice.

However, there are still aspects of owning an AMD laptop that can hold advantages over an Intel-powered machine. Here are different ways in which owning an AMD machine may benefit you as a gamer:

1) Pricing

An intel-powered machine is always more pricey than its alternatives because it is considered the best right now. If you need the power that comes with this, then that is fine. If you are playing games only to have fun, without the need for top-notch speeds, then an AMD laptop for gaming can be much cheaper.

2) Battery life

Many people think that Intel laptops are better in every way in battery life compared to AMD’s offerings. The truth is that this is simply not true. With a well-optimized machine, AMD has also made great strides in updating its processors with low power use models so they won’t slow your laptop down while using minimal power.

3) Windows 10

For the most part, both Intel and AMD machines will do what you want them to once Windows 10 hits the market next month; however, if you own an AMD laptop for gaming, rest assured that you will be able to download the new OS for free. Intel machines require an upgrade, which comes with a small fee.

4) Multi-core processors

This does not apply to all intel laptops, but some can only process one thing simultaneously, while AMD laptops for gaming allow for multi-tasking. Therefore, if you like to game and chat or watch movies simultaneously, this is probably an advantage for AMD users.

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5) Heat dissipation

Intel is faster than AMD’s processors, so they tend to generate more heat when in use. With its longer battery life, AMD has made strides in producing laptop chips that are less hot during processing, so you won’t have any issues using your machine on your lap for long periods.

6) RAM and HD space

AMD laptops for gaming tend to contain more RAM and storage than their Intel-powered counterparts. While this may not matter as much for those just looking to play games, if you want a machine that can do much more than gaming, then an AMD laptop is the way forward.

7) Graphics

Atom processors found in some intel machines are simply too weak to support good graphics on their own. This means that either the CPU or the GPU will have to be upgraded, or you won’t stand a chance of playing high-performance games on your computer. On AMD machines, however, integrated graphics cards are sufficient for running most modern games smoothly at decent settings without the need of upgrading them later down the line.


AMD is the perfect alternative for those who want to game but don’t need top-of-the-line performance at all times. AMD laptops are worth considering with an attractive price tag and great battery life if you are in the market for a new machine.

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