For the present, people have not made a more effective and profitable way to promote and sell. Email marketing is unique. Another important thing is the ability to measure everything email marketing works with. These are deliverability, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. When you have these accurate numbers in hand you can influence any process. You may adjust the strategy and tools for its implementation.

There is another metric that you can measure and that has a lot to do with email marketing. This is the validity of the customer email addresses used for email campaigns. And this indicator, without exaggeration, is the most important. You should start with it when preparing mail-orders advertising campaigns. There is a simple answer to the question of how to verify an email address: check email free. What are these services like that provide such opportunities? How do they work? And which one to choose is the topic of our article.

A Few good reasons for checking your customer base

There are at least 2 reasons to verify email address:

  • Improved deliverability rates – the higher the rate, the more people will see your message. The better your reputation in the eyes of email providers is, the less likely you will be blacklisted.
  • Reducing the mailing cost to invalid addresses. By installing “does this email work” you reduce costs. The fewer inactive and invalid addresses you have in your list, the less you need to pay to postal services.

To achieve the largest ROI you need to maintain regular hygiene of your contact list. So, according to statistics, from 1 dollar invested in email marketing, you can earn about 44 bucks. Of course, this is if your database is clean and your newsletters are personalized. You can achieve this by asking: is email valid?

Mail validator algorithms: how does list hygiene work?

In general, all email address validation services work in the same format. Only the depth and quality of validation differ. The algorithm is as follows:

  • checking for syntax errors in the prefix and domain parts;
  • checking the presence, relevance, and correctness of the MX record;
  • identifying role-based mailers owned by companies or departments;
  • detection of spam traps and disposable addresses in the list;
  • checking SMTP connection (simulating a message without actually sending it).

You can also check email pinging using the validator. This indicator speaks about the speed of delivery. If the email ping test results are unsatisfactory, you should reconsider the service quality of the server you are using.

Another important thing a quality verifier should have is the ability to integrate the verification API into your corporate system or website. Thus, the service and the platform you are working on begin to interact. It improves all metrics from deliverability to priority conversions.

Best Email Checking Services

To make it easier for you to navigate among the whole variety of services that provide verification, we have selected the best of them. Here is our TOP:

  1. Company email finder Proofy is a modern platform that offers several stages of checking the list of email addresses. It verifies 100,000 contacts in less than 45 minutes. There is an API. The price is from $ 0.006 per check, 500 free checks at registration, discounts apply.
  2. Remail – cold campaign automation and personalization platform. It is a great solution for sales reps, advertisers and marketers, HR, and recruiting. Using this service, you can expand your client base easily. You may replenish it with quality contacts without fear and hesitation. You may launch cold mail campaigns with great impact, price – from $ 24 per month.

There are other services that know how to verify an email address. But we have selected the most modern and efficient ones today. Try one of them to draw your own conclusions!

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