A properly adjusted gaming chair ensures that you remain comfortable for the entire gaming time. Nobody desires to sit awkwardly when trying to win a much-heated competition. Also, you may end up experiencing back pains or even scoliosis if you don’t correct it early.

Luckily, the gaming chairs’ height can be adjusted by the use of their chair controls. This article will take you through some ways that you can adjust the height of a gaming chair. We will also highlight the benefits that the right gaming chair height provides

Herein, we will discover some of the ways that can allow you to adjust your gaming chair’s height properly. Continue reading below

Identify Your Desired Height.

Remember, with the gaming chair; you are at liberty to determine which is the best height according to you. You should start by sitting to ascertain factors like the knee position and if your feet are flat on the ground. However, you should impose a proper sitting height as recommended by experts. This is in a bid to avoid possible issues that may arise due to bad posture.

Sometimes a seat that is too low gives your legs stress because they become uncomfortable. Consequently, a too-high seat will prompt you to lean on your table, and that is unacceptable. Start by identifying your height so that anytime you are about to start gaming, and you adjust the height.

A proper sitting posture demands that your knees are below your waist and your legs are flat on the ground. Now before you start adjusting, ensure you take the measurements while sitting on the chair. The distance from your knees to the floor becomes the right height to set your gaming chair.

How to Adjust The Height Of A Gaming Chair?
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Adjust the Height of Your Gaming Chair

Now, after getting everything ready, you should start with adjusting the height of your gaming chair. Remember, to be sure, you need to sit on your gaming chair first. The right way to do so is by ensuring that your feet lay on the ground flat.

By doing so, you shall have determined the correct height that you should adjust your chair. You can now adjust it and start enjoying your game comfortably without any limitation whatsoever.

Consequently, adjusting the height does not necessarily mean raising the chair. You can also lower it. However, experts recommend that you at least should maintain the right sitting posture to evade other repercussions.

How to Lower and Raise Your Gaming Chair

When you want to adjust the height to a lower position, you can follow the following simple steps. Sit on your chair and exert the whole weight there. Then next engage the lever or actuator

Engaging the actuator leaves your chair gradually lowering to the desired height. When it reaches there, you can now release the lever.

When you want to raise your gaming chair, you engage the lever and leave the chair to rise automatically. After it raises, you can again lower it to the required height.

The following adjustments can make your gaming chair ideal when the height is correctly adjusted. Let’s discuss them a little bit.

Ensure You Adjust the Gaming Chair Seat Tilt.

The seat tilt is common to the best gaming chairs only. Proper adjustments of the seat tilt provide optimum comfort to gamers throughout. The kind of support it offers while gaming is unmatched. Always ensure you tilt the seat pan slightly forward.

Seat Depth Adjustment

Seat depth the distance from the backrest to the edge at the front. A good sitting posture demands about four wide fingers gap from the calf to the edge of the seat

Adjust Backrest and Back Tilt

The backrest equally needs to be set after attaining the right angle and place for your seat. Here what you are after is the comfort your chair offers to your lower back. Your lumbar area should feel gentle pressure so that your spine’s natural curve gets the best support.

Adjust Armrests of your Gaming Chair

These adjustments might not work in all gaming chairs because only the best offer feature adjustable armrests. However, those with them allow you to adjust from multiple angles.

It is essential that you purchase a gaming chair with this feature for a better gaming experience. Your back is likely to be relieved from the arms’ weight.

Always adjusting the armrests requires you to start with adjusting their height. A properly adjusted armrest ensures the shoulders don’t pull up or fall. Moreover, you need to ensure that the upper and lower arm forms a 90 degrees angle. There are gaming chairs that are capable of allowing you to adjust their armrests in other directions. Ensure when adjusting them, you have considered the shoulder girdle.

Benefits Associated with Adjusting the Gaming Chair Height

We can say that adjusting your gaming chair properly is essential to help you have balanced support. Parts such as the buttocks, thighs, and lower back benefits the most from an adequately adjusted gaming chair.

You need life apart from the gaming experience. These adjustments enable your blood to circulate adequately to your feet. Consequently, the height adjustments are ideal because they do away with the pressure points behind the knees.


In conclusion, we can say that you need to adjust your gaming chair for you to have the best gaming experience. Having the desired height gives you the best experience and ensures you maintain the right posture. This is what experts recommend to don’t get into a situation where back pains engulf you.

Ensure you follow the right procedures discussed above, and you will never regret buying your gaming chair. When the time comes for you to purchase, ensure you go for the gaming chairs with these features for a better experience.

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