Conventional sales management apps have their own style and are not custom-made for your unique business processes. A no-code web app builder can help you eliminate this problem and design custom apps that make it easier to automate the tasks of your outside sales reps and make reporting easier. This increases their mobility and grants them greater control over operations for better sales management. The interface and functionality of the app can be adjusted per your preferences to help your sales teams work the way you want. Programmers can be hard to find, and customizing your own app can help cut costs.

CloudApper is a no-code platform that can help you customize apps through drag and drop options to run your business through smartphones. SalesQ is one such field sales force tracking app that can help you with sales management. You can customize the app in the CloudApper platform through forms that let you add essential features and integrations with a range of platforms for scalability. You can view and add various options to your app to help you work just the way you want, so reps do not need further training.

Benefits of Using a No-code Web App Builder to Make Sales Management Apps

A custom sales management app should be built to make sure your reps have a seamless selling experience. The app can be modified per your preferences to tweak any existing function, or to add new ones:

Easy Scalability

Scalability is extremely handy if you start small and build your way up the industry and customize the app along the way. Features and functions can be added on as you expand your team to match the complexity of your expanding sales operations. This makes the app flexible and lets you handle processes in your own way for increased mobility. More members and extra functions can be added to ensure that the app handles all daily sales activities. Customize the app to allow your reps access to certain features, and control what they can access. Tweak dashboards as you deem fit to make sure the app shows what you desire.

In-Depth Data Representation

SalesQ displays metrics like revenue generated, units shipped, top customers, orders completed, order details, and much more to give you a detailed and data-driven dashboard. This can help you make projections and track the performance of individual reps. When you customize the app, you can choose which features you want to add and remove those you don’t need. The dashboard is highly customizable, and you can add charts of different types, and make them display data over various periods of time. This can help you track historical data to determine how your sales force is performing.

CloudApper SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

CloudApper SalesQ is a custom sales management app for field sales monitoring that can be scaled per your business needs. Multiple instances can be created to manage different branches of your company:

Customize Apps

CloudApper is a no-code web app builder that can help you customize apps through forms that can add functions like databases and integrations. Use SalesQ field sales tracking app to make an app interface that supports the way you work and help your reps to make the most out of the time invested in selling. As you will customize the app to match the processes already used by reps, training is not required. Work the way you want, and help your reps report conveniently to facilitate faster sales.

Manage Reps

SalesQ allows you to track the activities of reps and verify client visits through geo-fencing. This can help you increase the mobility and accountability of your reps by letting them report in real-time through their phones. The customizable module can help you add and remove features to optimize the app for your teams’ use. Reps can provide daily reports, and the app can track the progress of target completion in real-time. Set a perimeter around client locations, and allow reps to only check-in when they are in said locations.

Benefits of Using a Custom App for Sales Management

Sales management through a custom app has numerous benefits. You can track the activities of your reps the way you want, and regularly communicate strategies for them to perform better:

Easy Adoption

Since SalesQ can be custom-made per the processes you follow, there is no additional training cost as reps can start using the app by downloading CloudApper. You can simultaneously start monitoring progress as reps update reports on their work from the field, eliminating pen and paper processes, saving time, and reducing costs. Disruptive tech often causes backlash, but an app that actually helps reps to increase their mobility is readily accepted. The motivation levels of your reps will go up as you see results and compensate them adequately.

Sales Database

SalesQ field sales tracking software records information on visits and order details that can be viewed at a later date to recall how orders were disbursed and which rep went to which client. This can help in customer service and sales planning for the next period. Performance can also be analyzed from one period to the next by reviewing the target achievement of reps. Sales order history can be tracked to notice trends that can help with selling decisions. This can help act as a database in case something goes wrong, and a quick fix can be ordered to reduce customer discontent.

A no-code web app builder can help in creating custom apps that can aid in sales management. CloudApper is a no-code platform that helps you customize mobile apps that run your business through smartphones. CloudApper SalesQ is an affordable field sales force tracking solution by CloudApper that can help in sales management. Manage the check-in authenticity of reps, view sales data dashboards, and make sure reps are providing authentic reports through SalesQ. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial and try out a plethora of customizable apps by CloudApper.

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