Finding the right cinema stars for a film idea is much easier when you choose an accessible genre. Horror has always worked well for starting filmmakers, and one of the easiest inroads for a great horror movie idea is to choose a popular phenomenon that no one really “owns.”

That way you can put your unique spin on it and cash in on the notoriety. That’s why you’ve seen several attempts at a Slender Man movie in the last few years, ranging from low-budget to HBO-quality true-crime documentary.

In the following article, we’ll be helping you explore the idea of casting Slender Man for a new generation. Let’s begin!

Start With Famous Actors

Famous actors are great as a starting point for your Slender Man movie idea. Not because any of them will be open to starring in an unknown director’s feature film but because they offer a great point of reference.

Think of them as a way of “storyboarding” your cast. You look for young actors of a certain type. Someone with a “young Kurt Russell” or “Harrison Ford” vibe.

You also might explore a list of 70s women you want to emulate if the film is going to be set in another time period. The options are endless.

Explore the Acting Hubs in Your Geographical Area

Just about every university has a drama department filled with talented actors and actresses looking to get their big breaks. Many will agree to star in a low-budget horror film for the credit, or at least for a very low fee.

In other words, you can get talent on the cheap and use your primary resources for post-production and special effects. These elements can help a cheap horror movie overcome its budgetary limitations in the same way that films like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity broke through.

If you’re working with a little better budget than most, you can also save that money for a well-known character actor. Bring them in for a small part and use the name recognition to make your film distributable and elevate the production for all those involved.

Set Up Auditions

For low-budget films, it’s always good to hold auditions, even if you’re clear on who you will be hiring. It’s not uncommon to rethink which actors you want for the parts once you see how they are at memorizing and delivering their lines.

It’s possible the guy or girl with that perfect “star” look falls to a supporting role if they’re terrible. On the same note, you might be pleasantly surprised by how some cast members perform in their roles.

Make Your Slender Man As Menacing As You Can

Film audiences will forgive subpar acting if you deliver a bad guy who is unforgettable and haunts their dreams. Study some of the scariest Slender Man videos out there and build your unique version of him around those. There are plenty out there to choose from or mix-and-match.

Cinema Stars of Tomorrow Must Start Somewhere

Cinema stars of yesterday, today, and tomorrow will continually return to the horror genre for building their careers. Just look at names like Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Bacon, Jason Alexander, and Holly Hunter.

All their earliest credits were in horror. The lesson: you can build a dream cast for your Slender Man movie. You just have to take your time and follow the recommendations here.

Best of luck! For more Slender Man-related articles, check out some of our additional posts!

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