Word document is a basic file format that many people use for their papers and data for work, school, or personal use. Whenever you want to type in an agreement, an essay for your class, or just jot down notes for your next presentation, you can easily do so in MS Word.

Another excellent file format similar to MS Word is the portable document file or PDF. This file format is also used for documents, but you will need a PDF tool to edit or make changes. There might be times where you need to turn MS Word files to PDF, and in this article, you will know how to convert in just four easy steps.

How to convert Word to PDF?

When turning Doc to PDF files, you will need a converter tool to do so successfully. There are tons of PDF converter tools and software online that you can download and install on your computer. Moreover, there are also online tools that you can access anytime and anywhere, and the best to use is PDFbear.

PDFbear is a PDF tool that does not only cater conversion from PDF to other file formats and vice versa, but it is a comprehensive file tool. You can easily extract, delete, merge, edit, split, repair, and compress PDF pages if you need to. You can also turn other file formats such as MS Excel, Powerpoint, and more to PDF format if you wish.

4 Conversion Steps in PDFbear

The best thing about PDFbear’s conversion tool is users only need to follow four easy and straightforward steps: drag, process, convert, and download. With this process, converting PDF files and other file formats will never be a hassle anymore.

First, you need to select and drag a file from your computer to PDFbear’s server to start the conversion process. You may also upload a file from your cloud storage. Once you have selected a file, let the server upload the document for you.

When the file is already on the website, you can now add changes and fix the settings you want to apply to your soon-to-be converted file. You can modify what file format you want it to be changed into, delete or edit specific pages to include, and more. Once that is done, you can now click “Convert,” and the conversion process will start.

The conversion process does not take that long compared to other PDF conversion tools in the market. PDFbear guarantees you will have a newly formatted document in just seconds. Once the file is ready, you may opt to download it back to your computer or save it to a cloud drive. PDFbear supports all cloud platforms.

PDFbear’s Best Features

Aside from the fast and efficient conversion process, PDFbear has more critical features to offer its users. Here are some other features that you need to look into when thinking of using PDFbear for your PDF needs.

It is free and online.

Unlike other PDF conversion tools and programs, PDFbear is free to use. You don’t need to pay anything when using PDFbear, and no downloads and installations are required as well. Access PDFbear via a web browser, and you can take care of your PDF needs while you are on the go, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Doc to PDF conversion in just minutes.

PDFbear is indeed a fast PDF converter tool for one to use in any document dilemma. If you follow the four steps accordingly, you will have a newly formatted file in just two minutes. No other PDF tool can do that in the market except PDFbear.

Your privacy is kept private.

One of the concerns that most users look for in PDF tools is how tight their security and privacy are. When you use PDFbear, your data and user privacy will be given importance by the platform. Once you upload the files on the system, the uploaded data will only stay on the server for an hour and will be permanently deleted right after.

Universal in all platforms. 

Whether you are using a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, you can access and use PDFbear anytime and anywhere. The converter tool can be accessed via a web browser, so you just need to connect to the internet for you to use it.

Keep it all in the cloud.

All tools in PDFbear, whether you are converting, editing, merging, deleting, extracting, or repairing PDF files, are running in the cloud. PDFbear has a cloud system that does all the work for its users. You don’t have to utilize a specific part of the CPU for you to convert files in PDFbear. It’s that efficient!

Best PDF tool worldwide.

You will never find a PDF tool that can cater to all your PDF needs. The platform also works with Solid Documents, so it guarantees high-quality conversion at all times. PDFbear has also been awarded as the Best Word to PDF converter tool globally, so you will never have a much better platform than PDFbear.


Converting doc to PDF is not that hard to do, especially when using the right tool. PDFbear is genuinely the best all-in-one tool for PDF files, and you will not regret using this for your office or school needs. Convert files while on-the-go with PDFbear, and you will not stress anymore!

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