Once I needed to download a SoundCloud track that haunted me for a week. I could Neither buy nor record it as a video in good quality! It was not possible to find it anywhere else. And then I realized that I needed to find a way to get the music of the best quality directly from SoundCloud.

Spoiler: the SoundCloud mp3 download website tool is the best way to get the music of the best quality. But if you’re not sure and want to know all from the roots — continue reading till the end.

Music generates hundreds of emotions in each of us. This is the main product of the generation, it is almost like currency! Music is an integral part of any culture and almost any work – technological and humanitarian. This is why many would like to know how to download songs from music platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

In this article, I will share the simplest way to download SoundCloud to mp3 320 kbps. Almost any track from SoundCloud can be downloaded! Get my favorite hack, which I discovered about a year ago and still have not found anything simpler and better.

Why do I download music from SoundCloud to mp3 320 kbps

The SoundCloud streaming service is one of the best places on the Internet where I listen, discover new, and download unique, cool, and just about any possible music.

Many songs sink into the soul, become a part of life, and despite the fact that I have an annual Pro subscription to the service — and I can listen to tracks endlessly, — I want to download music from SoundCloud to my computer or iPhone.

Not because I want to violate the rights of the performers or producers of this music! It’s just that I am pleased to have them always at hand, listen offline, use in my personal videos, make collections of tracks for friends, download tracks to listen to in the car without being distracted by devices …

SoundCloud is the best place to download tracks for all tastes and moods.

How much does a SoundCloud subscription cost? (you don’t need it to download tracks, but still better to get it)

On SoundCloud, you can choose from three different subscription levels. The first level is a free account. Here you have up to 120 minutes of audio available. You will get more download hours if you use the Pro and Pro Unlimited account with the maximum level.

SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go + lets you listen to music offline and without ads. SoundCloud Go – $ 4.99 for Android (or web users), and $ 5.99 for iOS users. SoundCloud Go +, on the other hand, costs $ 9.99 for web and Android app users. If you are an iOS user, it will be more expensive — $ 12.99.

The free 30-day trial is extended to new users. After this free trial, subscription payments must be made monthly. By the way, they are planning to expand the free service pack.

How to Download SoundCloud Tracks — my three Ways.

Not all SoundCloud songs can be downloaded directly. It depends on each music creator or stream owner.

Below the tracks uploaded to SoundCloud, you can see options such as like, forward, share, add to next, and more.

If the song provided by the artist is available for download, you will see “Download File” in the drop-down menu. Click Upload File and the song will start downloading.

But, to be honest, you will not see such a function on most tracks. Therefore, here are three ways to download music from SoundCloud in mp3 format to any device:

# 1 Download from SoundCloud to mp3 320 kbps using Code

The most logical, but difficult, way to get around the limitation of any popular music service is to get the song from the site code. Anyway, it is stored somewhere as a file. And you need, as a real hacker, to get access to a specific file.

Many people love SoundCloud for being able to listen to music for free and legally. The service allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks online, but you can’t just take and download them. However, the problem can be easily solved if you understand the code at least a little.

How to download a SoundCloud track using a code?

I did it simply, but a little tedious. Before I discovered the third method (see below in the article) I looked at the page code (CTRL + U), searched it with CTRL + F streamURl, copied the found link from the quotes, and pasted it into the address bar. Then received a file with a song.

Disadvantages of downloading SoundCloud tracks via code:

This method is only available from the SoundCloud website. It is unlikely that you will be able to crank everything directly from the mobile application. More precisely, it is unrealistic only if you are not Elon Musk. Another disadvantage of this method is that most likely you are violating the rights of this music community.

№ 2 Download SoundCloud music using the browser extension

“The most convenient way to download music is through browser extensions” — It seemed so to me until I discovered the third way to download music from SoundCloud (see below in the article).

How to download music from SoundCloud with a browser extension

Using plugins for popular browsers, a download button is added to SoundCloud pages, allowing you to download your favorite tracks to your computer. After installing the extension, under each track, next to the other action buttons, the “Download” button appears and all that remains is to press it.

Disadvantages of downloading SoundCloud tracks using a browser extension:

This method is only available from the SoundCloud website. Another unpleasant disadvantage is that you have to go through the login process using a browser. Another disadvantage of this method is the quality of the music. It will not exceed 128 kbps. Even without a warm tube amplifier and gold connectors, music in 128 sounds like a dusty bag trampled! Compared to 320 of course. How to download music from SoundCloud at 320 kbps – read below in my next favorite way.

# 3 My favorite and the only perfect way to download music from SoundCloud is with a web tool

It will be difficult to find a simpler and more pleasant way to download from SoundCloud. It does not require a login, does not require walking through the code, complex operations, and, what is most important for me, downloads music in the MAXIMUM QUALITY SoundCloud music at 320 kbps!

Toolzu.com screenshots

How to download music from SoundCloud in 320 quality?

Under any track, select the Share and Copy link. Or just copy the address bar of the track of interest to the clipboard.

Let’s go to the SoundCloud mp3 download website. Put the address from the buffer into the bootloader window. Tap DOWNLOAD. Right-click on the Save As window…

The output is an MP3 file with a super cool bit rate of 320 kbps!

Disadvantages of web service method for downloading SoundCloud Music: Nope.

Why invent a bicycle? A beginner Musician wants his music to be downloaded, but SoundCloud takes money from the musician for this desire, and the more they download, the more expensive it will be. So spare the musicians — and download music yourself with the professional tool for SoundCloud lovers!

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