How to Access and Recover Data from Android with Broken Screen

A Broken screen on mobile phones has become very common these days. Though we know that many smartphones have strong glasses (screen protection) but still there can be incidents that may cause the screen to break.

Screen breaks due to major accidents, like, falling from a height, applying an external force and etc.

Thus, if you are currently facing a broken screen Android phone issue then this article is for you. Read each and every step and solution thoroughly to recover data from Android with a broken screen.

Is It Possible To Get Back Data From An Android With A Broken Screen?

Yes. It is. There are still many possibilities to recover data from the Android with a broken screen. But yes, it totally depends on the condition of your phone.

Though your screen is broken if you find that your phone is still responding then you have a good chance of retrieving your broken phone data. But if the phone is not responding at all then you have a very less chance of getting back the data from your Android.

How To Recover Data From Android With Broken Screen

1: Change TheBroken Screen

The easiest way is to change the screen. If your Android screen is broken you can repair it.

Though it is time taking once it is repaired you can again access your phone and the data present in it.

2: Retrieve Data FromBroken Screen Android Through Your System

This method is done with help of a computer. For recovering data from a broken screen phone through your system follow the steps below.

Step 1Plug the broken Android phone with a computer through a USB cable.

Step 2–Wait for your Android to get detected.

Step 3 – Click on “Open Folder To View Files” the moment you see an auto play pops up on the screen.

retrieve data from android phone with broken screen - autoplay

Step 4 – Select the files you want to recover.

Step 5 – Copy the selected files to your computer.

3: Recover Broken AndroidData By Using Recovery Tool

This is the recommended method to get back the data from an Android phone with a broken screen. When it comes to retrieving data from a phone that is working, you are just a few steps away.

With the help of the AndroidData Recovery Tool, you can possibly recover the data from Android even when it is inaccessible.

4: Restore Data From Android With A Broken Screen Using An USB OTG Cable To

After you see that the screen is broken but still the phone is responsive, you can use the USB OTG cable to recover data from broken screen Android phone.

The USB OTG works like a bridge that helps to connect one phone with another. With the help of the cable, you will be able to transfer the files.

5: Recover The Files with Help Of Google Drive

If your files and data are stored in Google Drive then you have a chance of retrieving the data. All you need to do is log in to your Google Drive account on the other phone you have taken.

There you can access the files and keep it safe there. You can download the files on the phone for further use.

6: Use SD Card To Recover Files On Android With A Broken Screen

This is another simplest way for getting back your data. Mostly the users are unaware of the fact that where do they store their data. It can probably be the internal storage of the phone or the SD card (external storage).

For expanding the storage of the phone some users manually insert SD cards into the phone.

When the screen is broken, he or she can simply take out the SD card and insert it into another device for future work.

To perform this task, follow the steps given below…

Step 1 –Take out the SD card from the phone that is broken and insert it into another phone.

Step 2 –Open file manager on the particular phone.

Step 3 –Once you find the SD card click on it.

Step 4– Select the data you want to restore.

Step 5 –Tap on a copy.

Step 6 –Go to the internal storage.

Step 7 –Tap on the copy here or paste option.

Bottom Line

In this article, I have provided solutions for Android Broken Screen Data Recovery. I hope that the above-mentioned methods are helpful for you all.

Thanks for reading…!

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