Local SEO is a separate branch of website optimization with its own promotion tools, digital advertising tactics, and checklists. Without a search engine optimization strategy that helps to achieve high positions in Google for a location-dependent query when the city, district, or the location of the user is specified, you will fail to accomplish your business goals:

  • boost sales and drive revenue;
  •  attain new loyal customers and increase awareness;
  • grow your brand and become a leader in the market.

Surviving on the Australian market and overcoming harsh competition is not a straightforward task. To ensure the prosperity of your store, cafe, restaurant, hotel, beauty salon, or any other type of small business, you must be well-known regionally, work with reviews and brand mentions, gain organic traffic to inform your potential buyers about your products or services. Offline marketing, probably, won’t bring excellent visible results. However, by taking care of local SEO in Sydney, you will get a high conversion rate and will successfully compete not only with direct Sydney competitors but also with giant brands that have monopolized global search, confidently taking their TOP positions in the search results.

The main difference between global and local SEO

Using keywords, creating backlinks, improving UX on websites are fundamentals and basic SEO practices. However, local promotion methods include some extra ranking factors since a local search query may contain the name of a specific town, area, street, or phrases such as “near me”. Thus, the web pages, content, and keywords must be geographically tailored to a specific region. And for general SEO, search queries are less dependent on localities or geographic features. It means that content must be adapted for a multitude of regions worldwide, as it should work for different cities, countries, and even languages. If you want to bring your business to an international market, then global practices will cost you more.

Accordingly, local SEO prices will be more affordable.

Top components of local SEO

Google My Business. Registration in GMB allows the system to display information about the company in Google, mainly on maps and in search results. This is an essential element if your business operates offline and is tied to a specific region. When creating your account and posting details using this service, remember about the 3 main pillars of this promotion method:

  • relevancy:  the description and your proposal must meet the user’s needs;
  •  positive Internet feedback: a strong online reputation is a crucial ranking factor;
  • user’s location: Google takes into account the user’s location and offers the closest store, coffee shop, hairdresser, etc.

Title and description meta tags. The priority task for dominating local search results is to optimize the meta tags of your website or online store. Specialists must add the local keyword in the meta title. It should inspire confidence in both clients and search engines. The meta description does not have a tangible effect on the position of the site. Nevertheless, it can become an additional incentive to follow the link to your web pages, enhancing local SEO. Write a short but catchy description of all your benefits.

Internal optimization. While focusing on activity in the Google My Business app and developing an external online reputation through reviews and mentions, do not forget about those shortcomings (slow loading speed, poor navigation) within the site that can prevent successful promotion.

If you seek experts to improve your local SEO in Sydney, the LuxSite proficient and skillful SEO team will build and implement an efficient campaign with commitment, passion, and creativity, taking into account your business uniqueness and striving for growth.  

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