Online casinos are thriving thanks to the evolution of technology and the Internet, revolutionizing the world of remote gambling. Today, remote gambling allows players an enhanced gambling experience compared to land-based casinos – numerous promotions, different banking options, the ability to try Visa gift card online slots, the convenience of play, etc. As a result, millions of gamblers play online casino games, roulette, baccarat, online poker, and blackjack either through mobile phones or desktop/laptops at the comfort of their home.

As a result of the technological revolution, most online casino players have reverted to mobile phones. At the same time, online casino operators provide user-friendly gaming applications on PCs and smartphones. Nevertheless, the matter of concern remains, how does mobile casino gaming compares to PC gaming?

Mobile Casino Gambling

New technological advancements allow players to play casino games on their mobile phones. This emerging trend in the gambling industry has caused online casinos to develop mobile versions of their games, thus enabling gamblers to play regardless of where they are.

PC Client Gaming

Some online casino gamers consider PC gaming inferior to mobile casino gaming. Yet, laptops and desktops have a larger screen size than mobile phones; hence are easy to navigate. Moreover, PCs allow users to install special apps with more games, creating an extensive collection of games. It is also worth noting that casino players can play online games that need a lot of endurance with PC gaming.

Comparison of Mobile Gaming and PC Client Gaming


In terms of performance, desktops are far much better than mobile phones. Players using PCs for gaming are guaranteed an uninterrupted gaming experience since PC has higher speed and better graphics. This is contrary to mobile gaming since some Android or iOS systems cannot support some games.

Access to Games

Both mobile casino gamers and admirers of desktops can access similar online casino games through their respective devices. However, some games are not designed for smartphones because they require large display screens and storage, only available on desktops. Consequently, online casino mobile gamers are deprived of some games.


Mobile casino gaming allows punters to play their favorite casino games online despite their geographical location. Having said this, they can play these games in the comfort of their homes, parks, and at work. PC clients are confined to a fixed location; hence players cannot move around while playing casino games. Therefore when it comes to convenience, online casino users will opt for mobile smartphones.

User Experience

Unlike PCs, the small screen size of mobile phones limits playing some games such as roulette and poker. The small screen size of mobile phones implies a smaller playing space, which is not the case for PCs. In addition to screen size, PCs boast the ability to allow punters to play in more than one online casino at the same time, which is unavailable in mobile gaming.

Storage Space

Downloadable casino games are better than those played in browsers. Playing casino games in the browser comes with challenges such as poor quality and long load time. As a result, most developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt would like casino players to download their games. While mobile phone users typically experience the challenge of limited storage space, PC clients do have ample internal storage space, thus enabling players to download as many games as possible. To solve this storage problem, mobile users can store their excess data on the cloud.

Battery Life

PCs have better battery life than most mobile devices. For this reason, PC gamers can play for as long as they want when connected to a socket through a charging cable. On one other hand, a smartphone’s battery power get reduces as one continues to play. But with the power bank, they can play continuously without interruptions.


Mobile devices provide better privacy to online casino players than desktops. Due to their mobility, gamblers can carry their phones with them everywhere they go, unlike PCs. Online gamers can search for a private place to play their favorite casino games online.


Gaming gadgets play a vital role in the online gaming industry. Online casino players play in different ways, selecting particular devices having comparing their pros and cons. We hope that our guide will help you make the right choice of the gambling device for the most convenient play.

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