The Chernobyl accident is known to be one of the most dangerous and massive disasters in the history of nuclear power. Among thousands of victims who suffered from these events almost 35 years ago, even now this tragedy is accompanied by various consequences. Today there is a lot of talk about whether it’s worth making a Chernobyl tour, as long as there are too many delusions about this place. So, let’s find the clue to the mystery!

Myth #1. People can glow due to radiation exposure.

The radioactive glow is called “radioluminescence”. It’s not caused by radioactive material, but by the radiation interaction with the surrounding material. Plants or fireflies that emit light at night are luminescence, which has nothing to do with radiation. Radioluminescence is not transmitted to humans, therefore the fact that an irradiated person can glow is a myth.

Myth #2. Iodine protects against radiation contamination.

Iodine and its compounds cannot withstand radiation. In reality, doctors recommend taking iodine after man-made disasters with the release of radionuclides. So, if you plan to go on a Tour to Chernobyl Zone, it’s better not to try this “self-medicine”. Moreover, don’t be afraid to be affected by radiation as long as nowadays the radiation level in Chernobyl is less than on the aircraft’s board.

Myth #3: It was a nuclear explosion.

In fact, there was a massive blowing up, but not a nuclear one. Steam pressure made a rupture of the power unit structures, which caused an air-hydrogen mixture explosion. Hence, the Chernobyl tour is a totally safe activity.

Myth #4. Radiation tastes and smells.

An insignificant amount of radiation is tasteless and odorless, but its critically high level causes the ionization of molecules in the air. These changes give rise to the characteristic ozone odor and metallic taste. Also, radiation isn’t felt on the teeth, as was commonly believed. Be sure that there is no pong in a tour of Chernobyl.

Myth #5: Ukrainian land has been contaminated with radiation for hundreds of years.

Ukraine is one of the ten largest grain exporters in the world. Ukrainian products are sold in the EU and China, where they undergo radiation control. The half-life of hazardous radionuclides strontium-90 and cesium-137 is 30 years, so now there is no danger in Ukrainian black soils.

According to the experts, it takes ten half-lives, or about 300 years, to completely cleanse the lands contaminated with cesium and strontium. Luckily, the sediments gradually wash out the isotopes deep into the soil, where there are no longer any roots. So, you can surely visit Ukraine and make a Chernobyl tour without the risk of being affected by radiation.

Myth #6: Chernobyl is a wasteland where there are no people.

Today, a lot of personnel work at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and some workers even live in Chernobyl on a permanent basis. Besides, the elderly sometimes return to the villages of the exclusion zone. By ordering a Ukraine Chernobyl tour you will be able to see them with your own eyes!

Eventually, we have discovered that traveling to Ukraine or going on a Chernobyl tour is totally safe nowadays. Moreover, there is a fantastic opportunity to plunge into the historic atmosphere and become aware of the most secret facts about the tragedy. If you enjoy entertaining and captivating leisure activities, search for Chernobyl tours cost and order the closest trip already today!

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