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Online casinos are one of the most lucrative sectors of the online gambling market. They provide the much-needed convenience for players to enjoy their favorite casino games at the comfort of their homes, workplaces, or while on the go. As long as you have a smart internet connection, you can search for an online casino, register, and indulge. Before choosing an online casino, you should ensure the site is licensed and trustworthy.

Every player loves good casino bonuses. After all, it is the next thing you will consider when looking for an online casino. Casino bonuses are an effective marketing tool for casino operators because they provide players with the chance to try out new games without waging real money. But perhaps not every player knows how to use casino bonuses correctly, so this guide informs you of everything you should know about them.

What are online casino bonuses?

An online casino bonus comes in the form of free betting money or free games, a kind of incentive to attract players to a specific casino. In simple words, it is a kind of promotional offer for online casino gamblers. Online casino bonuses such as the Thunderbolt Casino bonuses offer players free chances of winning because they are meant to boost the odds of winning at any game.

Online casinos promote their platforms with different types of bonuses. The first type of casino bonus you are likely to encounter is the casino’s welcome deposit bonus. This is the type of bonus that attracts new players to register in the casino.

For instance, the player is given free money, mainly a fraction of their first deposit amount. Some casinos also offer free spins allowing a player to try their first game without wagering any money. But online casino bonuses are not only available to new users; they are also available for regular players, for instance, the VIP offers for loyal players.

Which casino bonuses work best for players?

Online casinos use different bonuses to entice players, from welcome bonuses to promo codes. Therefore it is wise to study the bonuses before applying them in your gaming to get the most value out of them. some examples of online casino bonuses include:

  • Welcome bonuses are given to new players after registering at the casino.
  • Deposit bonuses are given to players as incentives for the deposits they make.
  • Weekly or monthly cashback or other offers return a certain percentage of the funds you have invested in the platform.
  • You get referral bonuses when you invite a friend to register at the online casino.
  • Some online casinos also offer birthday bonuses given to players on their special day.

These are a few of the bonuses you can find in online casinos. But if you intend to keep your money safe on the gambling platform, you can deposit then request a welcome bonus or no deposit bonus to play a few free games before wagering for real money.

What are bonus terms and conditions?

When you decide to use casino bonuses, you must adhere to the terms and regulations that come with them. These bonus requirements protect the casino by ensuring players do not abuse them. Reputable online casinos are transparent with their bonuses by informing the players of the requirements of the bonuses right away. For instance, free spins are most likely to be used on slot games in the casino and not any other game.

Different bonus terms and requirements

The only way you can use casino bonuses appropriately is by first reading through the terms and conditions before using them. You also need to remember that although casino bonuses are similar, they may come with different requirements. When reading the terms and conditions attached to casino bonuses, you seek to answer the following critical questions.

  • What is the minimum number of spins to get free spins?
  • Is there a minimum wager required to get a deposit bonus?
  • How long can you wait before withdrawing your winnings from the bonus?
  • Is the bonus attached to only specific games?
  • What is the minimum period before the casino releases the payout from your bonus?

Casino terms and conditions should be accurate according to the law dictated by the licensing authority and the nation the casino provides games too. If you find bonus terms challenging to understand, you can check what other veteran players are saying in the reviews. Here you will find out if the bonuses are worth it, winnable and if the casino honors the rules of the bonuses.

What is the essence of casino bonus terms and requirements?

Some experienced casino players tend to abuse casino bonuses, so there are terms and requirements attached to them. Failure to adhere to the terms means you may be denied playing at the casino, or you risk losing all your winnings. Also, bonus terms exist to enable the player to think before wagering.

In most cases, the conditions are high that the player has to think about the risks and probability of winning before wagering. Hence they discourage players who have lost a lot of money to take time before gambling again. Also, if the conditions of the bonuses are unwinnable if the casino breaks the rules, you can report them to the gaming authority that licenses them.


Online casino bonuses provide players with incentives for playing their favorite games without risking their real money. Before you use casino bonuses, ensure you understand the terms and conditions attached to avoid unnecessary frustrations in the long run. Also, note that online casino bonuses abuse is frowned upon by the online casino industry and the gaming authorities.

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