Are you always looking for online PDF converters? If you want a fast and reliable and not to mention secure online converter, PDFBear is the ultimate discovery for you. With PDFBear, you are free to convert the file of your choosing into PDFs. Whether it is an Excel file, a JPG, or a Word Document, PDFBear can help you turn these file types into PDF format.

PDFBear also offers you the following options:

  • Compress your files – are your files’ sizes too large, and you wish to lessen it so you can attach it in your email? PDFBear is here to help you achieve such. Your files compressed to the size you aim for allows your document to be lightweight and more comfortable to store and send to others.
  • Split your PDF pages – did you somehow need to extract a page from your file? Or perhaps, do you wish to reorganize your files’ pages? With PDFBear, you can effortlessly do so.
  • Lock and Unlock your file – if you wish to keep your files private, especially those that may contain sensitive information, PDFBear is here to help you add passwords to your files. Additionally, with PDFBear, you can also use it to unlock encrypted files.
  • Merging your files into a single file – do you have files supposed to go together? PDFBear can help you find a solution for that. With this online tool, you can combine several individual files to become a single file.

These are some of the other features which you will indeed find beneficial later on, and hey, these features are freely accessible to you. It will not cost you a single penny, nor would you need to register and email for you to gain access to it. Moreover, there is more to explore with PDFBear.

PDFBear: Convert Word To PDF Free

Yes, you read it right. PDFBear helps you to convert word to PDF free of charge. You can be anywhere across the globe in all sorts of timezone, and you can still access the web-based tool using your smartphones or laptops or any device which allows you to use a browser and connect to the internet.

So, you suddenly find yourself needing to convert your Word files into PDF format? You do not have to fret. PDFBear provides you the necessary answer to your problem. This web-based tool can convert any file you would want to transform. Below is a list of the files you can upload but not limited to it:

  • Word to PDF – usually, Word Document files are the ones that need conversion to PDFs. It commonly happens when you would want to send your document and hinder the receiver from making any changes to the data contained in your files.
  • PPT to PDF – with PDFBear, you can quickly turn them into PDFs for your convenience.
  • Excel to PDF – this way, you can give your excel data a pleasing appearance and preserve it for a long while.
  • JPG to PDF – amazingly, with PDFBear, you can turn your simple photo file into PDFs without compromising the quality. PDFBear ensures that your image’s quality will remain even after the conversion process.

These are a few of the files that can and will be acceptable in the system and will surely give a satisfying output. Moreover, PDFBear allows you to turn your file into any of those listed above and some other formats that are not on the list.

Features Which Only PDFBear Has

Every online tool has its unique features and offers a variety of options to choose from. Of course, PDFBear provides quite a few unique ones that you won’t be able to use in other tools.

  • Repair PDF – with PDFBear, you can attempt to retrieve your corrupted files and make them functional once again. If you have a hard time accessing your file, you can seek PDFBear and repair your broken file. Take note that there will be those files that are beyond repair. You can let PDFBear try and retrieve it and need not worry about adding more damage to your file upon using the tool because it doesn’t.
  • Adding Page Numbers – uniquely, with PDFBear, you can add page numbers to your files. When you use this feature to remove the cover page or title page, you should not bear any page number to remove the system’s confusion.
  • Unlock PDF – PDFBear offers an unlocking feature. You may find other tools to have the same quality available as technology continues to rise, so do the different online tools.

File Safety Policy

It is normal to worry about uploading and downloading files from the internet. Though it is a convenience, the internet is also a dangerous place. One needs to be wary of leaking information on the web. Some people would take advantage of it and use it for their gain. With PDFBear, you can rest easy as it provides you the assurance that your files are safe and that your files’ privacy is not in jeopardy.

Not wanting to cause any user harm, PDFBear’s system automatically deletes your file from the system after an hour. PDFBear guarantees that no one has access to your files other than you. PDFBear is the ultimate online PDF converter with all these features you will ever find. It has the necessary features which may become handy for you in times of great need.

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