The Deadlines of the EDGAR filing are the factor that makes people nervous.

Sleepless nights come each time when one comes closer to the red line. Following the dates in the SEC filing is actually the same important as the
submission of validated correct data.

The EDGAR filing calendar open-source to help you to manage filing in time.

SEC General Filing Deadlines

Here you have the names of groups the SEC forms are united in. Please notice, that each group has its own specific and assigned deadlines. So, each file generally belongs to the following groups.

  • Large accelerated filers;
  • Accelerated filers;
  • Non-accelerated filers;
  • Foreign forms;
  • Proxy statements
  • Section 16 beneficial ownership forms.

There also exists the group of so-called «Other deadlines»-the group comprises all the necessary filing deadlines that are out of the groups above. If you want to match all the deadlines of the SEC filing you’d better get of the EDGAR filing deadlines.

The deadlines may vary depending on the years’ calendar and the dates of business days and days off.

There is a schedule of the 2021year’s deadlines for the foreign private issuers.

There are three basic forms to be submitted for this case:

20-F  – The 30th of April (Friday)

20-FNT – The 3d of May (Monday)

LATE 20-F – The 17th of May (Monday) The table below performs the investment manager deadlines of 2021

13-F – The 16th of February (Tuesday)

13-F – The 17th of May (Monday)

13-F – The 16th of August (Monday)

13-F – The 15th of November (Monday)

SEC Holidays and Hours

The SEC works in accordance with its schedule of working days and hours. You can’t submit the filing 365/24/7. The basic thing to know is the operating hours -weekdays, 6 am to 10 pm EST, excluding holidays.

And as long as the year is coming to the end remember that the 25 of December is a holiday and you will not be able to proceed with the submission of the SEC reports on this day. And here you have the next, 2021 year holidays’ list:

The 1st of January (Friday) – New Year’s Day

The 18th of January (Monday) – Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 15th of February (Monday) – Washington’s Birthday

The 31 of May (Monday) – Memorial Day

The 5th of July (Monday) – Independence Day

The 6th of September (Monday) – Labor Day

The 11th of October (Monday) – Columbus Day

The 11th of November (Thursday) – Veterans Day

The 25th of November (Thursday) – Thanksgiving Day

The 24th of December (Friday) – Christmas Day

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