If you are well-versed in personal finance, you understand that investing is a mature step towards accumulating and increasing capital. There is a huge list of areas for investment that have completely different percentages of return, the degree of risk, and the ability to enter with minimal funds.

Crypto investments are attracting more and more interest among investors: both experienced and novice users. Let’s start with the main reasons for the growth of popularity.

3 reasons to invest in cryptocurrency

You probably noticed the news about the incredible growth rate of bitcoin in 2020 and are interested in the crypto world. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this type of investment.

  • Constant long-term increase in the value of the currency.
  • Technologies. High-tech solutions that allow the use of currency in any corner of the globe, decentralize currency management, and are also used in the development of other areas are highly valued.
  • Volatility. Perhaps this is the most enticing condition that allows you to increase your capital in the shortest possible time in an incredible amount. To do this, it is important to understand the intricacies of the market.

Crypto investing for beginners

The advantage of the market is that investments in cryptocurrencies are available even for beginners and with small amounts. Buying digital currency and trading are the best ways.

Long-term storage will bring you profit from the overall rate increase. This works great with stable coins. At the time of entering the exchange, the bitcoin exchange rate was $1 for 1,309. 03 BTC. In 2020, the exchange rate reached a low of $19,808.

However, the exchange of virtual currencies for one another on time can bring you a huge profit in the shortest possible time.

5 steps to start investing in cryptocurrency

It’s very simple:

  1. Select a coin to invest. There are a huge number of them, but first, we follow the most well-known and stable ones.
  1. Set aside funds for investment. We recommend that you initially allocate a comfortable amount.
  1. Create a crypto wallet. With it, you can send and receive coins. Choose the most convenient and safe option.
  1. Buy the selected currency on the exchange. It is worth noting that not every site is available to buy for dollars.
  1. Start tracking information about the economy, market trends, and technology developments, and try to keep up with all the important news.

If you want to make a long-term investment, then your goal is the most stable currency.

If you have chosen to trade, then you should dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and study market trends. This way you will know when the best time to exchange is. We will tell you how to do this as quickly and safely as possible.

Learning to exchange cryptocurrency

Godex.io allows you to exchange 201 coins without registration, without any risks and as quickly as possible. You do not need to leave personal data, and the exchange process is very simple.

You can exchange Bitcoin to Waves in a few minutes and without any effort.

    1. To exchange btc to waves, go to Godex.io. Then select BTC in the “you send ” field. Add the amount of currency to exchange.
  1. Select WAVES in a different field. And tap the “Exchange” button.
  1. Leave the correct details of your WAVES address in “destination”.
  1. Send the exact amount of BTC to the received Deposit address. When the transfer is received, you will receive the transaction ID.
  1. Godex.io converts the received BTC to WAVES, fixing the rate at the time of the transaction.
  1. You will receive the exchanged number of waves to your wallet address in a few minutes.
  1. When the exchange is completed, you will receive detailed information about the transaction.

Obviously, crypto investment is not difficult or inaccessible. The main thing is to choose reliable partners and find the right sources of information.

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