SEC Filing on Time Without Stress and All Nighters

The odd thing is that the closer deadlines of filing the quicker clocks are pacing. The SEC calendar shows that the deadline is approaching. The poor one who works hard to file the whole amount of docs himself loses orientation whether it is still a day or the morning has just come. Nights and days mix for those who struggle to submit reports in time.

The routine fulfilled of complicated filing demanding persistence, accuracy, and being meticulous – that is what SEC filing may become if you are not a professional in it.

Are you sure you want to experience all of that?

There things worth delegating to those who like doing such a job.  Edgar Project LLC can solve the problem. We will save you from insomnia and self-induced heartburn. Our team is keen on SEC filing and likes its job.  So, save your nerves and allow us to help you.

However, if you have a strong intention to do that yourself here you have some tips that might be helpful.

Choose the Right Software

Obviously all companies are different and have some specifics. That is why it is crucial to have efficient communication between all departments and staff members to manage SEC filing correctly and in time.

SEC filing comprises info that generally is generated by different departments.

It means that software ought to be comprehensive and consistent to overcome geographical gaps to create proper initial data that will be used for the formation of the SEC reports.

Otherwise, it may occur that the streams of data flowing to one collector are splintered and inconsistent. And this respectfully will complicate the reporting up to the level of hard stress, which in its term leads to making more and more mistakes.

The enhancing of communication is important but not the only feature the proper software should match. Here is a list of significant pros to be looked for in any soft of the kind you need for conducting SEC filing efficiently:

  • Cloud-based platform. It makes access to the data easier for all participants of the process
  • Constrained access to some personal for appropriate directing of workflow
  • Imports from Excel
  • The function of spreading worksheets within the platform
  • Automatic linking to connect the data sources with report statements

Leverage Resources

The real facilitation for your reporting you may get from the team of your auditors. Cooperation with the auditors at the stage preceding SEC filing can give you enough time to get ready for that filing.

Just ask them to give feedback in footnotes disclosing accounting treatment.  This will give you an understanding of the potential weak points in your account before the real full forth audit starts.

It will also give you a vision of the resources you’ll need involve to get through the process.  This advanced preparation gives the opportunity to shift and expand the available resources, prevent delays and bottlenecks’ occurring in the workflow of the company.

For that purpose, you can apply either auditors or Edgar Project LLC.

We are ready to share our experience and infuse some expertise in your accounting.

We can provide you with templates of industry-specific for the footnotes and even with a pre-made checklist formed according to the specifications of your industry and structure of the firm’s capital.

Have a plan and Start Early

Compose a plan, assign roles between your team members, mark timelines, and make sure that every element of the system knows what he is expected to do. If that is done, – start preparing for the reporting as soon as possible.

Keep your finger on the pulse, – be aware of any changes happening in the board and any transactions expected to have been closed before the end of the reporting period.

Maintain a Perspective

Keep an eye on the SEC filing deadlines – they must be followed as well as the schedule of working hours  mentioned here

Try to notice weak points in the preparation process your firm passes quarterly to improve it each time and make it more efficient and smooth in the future.

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