Your adorable little puppy may make you laugh with all of his mischievous ways. You may even have gotten thousands of likes on the social media videos you’ve filmed of him acting a fool! However, a misbehaving dog can cause a lot of problems for your household in the long run. Owning the right dog training equipment is an important part of taking care of a dog. Luckily, we sat down with an avid dog lover and owner of Cozy Crates, Dave Miller, and asked him of some smart items you can use when you’re looking for better behavior from your four-legged friend. These tools will be a lifesaver when you’re doing your best to train your dog as efficiently as possible.

Just remember, your dog has a personality all his own. That means he won’t always respond to every item you use for training. But through recommendations, persistence, and trial-and-error, you’ll soon find the right tool that whips your dog into the shape you are hoping for. Read on for the five smart items you need for better dog behavior.

1. Smart Crates

When you properly train your dog to use a crate or pen, they will soon come to view the space as a safe one. There are plenty of options on the market when it comes to dog crates, but an excellent choice is a smart anti-anxiety crate that does more than just contain your dog. These crates offer multiple amenities that will help your excitable or anxious dog calm down the moment they step into it. For example, some crates offer a fan inside that switches on when your dog enters while providing them with an orthopedic pad to lie on. Other crates automatically begin a playlist of music that has been proven to relax anxious canines. Your pup can be at ease as you train him to enjoy a safe space in your home, leading to better behavior in the long run.

2. Electronic Smart Doors

If your backyard is fenced in and safe for your dog to run free, you likely don’t want to hear him barking and scratching to get out every day. It’s easy to train your dog to go outside when he needs to by using an electronic smart door in the main door he will be exiting and entering from. This high-tech tool uses up-to-date radio-frequency technology to allow your dog to come and go as he pleases. He will wear a tag on his collar that will connect to the door, triggering it to unlock the flap when he comes up to it. Your pup will quickly learn that he doesn’t even need to use his words to go in and out-he’ll just enjoy his freedom! You won’t have to get up and down to let your pup in and out, and he won’t annoy the neighbors with his constant barking and whining.

3. Treat-Dispensing Video Cameras

It’s not always easy to keep your dog from misbehaving when you aren’t home to watch him. If you aren’t able to crate your dog while you’re out, the next best thing to do is to invest in a smart video camera. You’ll find plenty of models online that allow you to keep your eye on your dog while you’re out of the house by using a simple app. With video models, keep your dog happy and occupied by dispensing treats when you see them start to become restless and agitated. Many treat dispensers can also be programmed to various levels that will help train your dog with different skills. They get the treats when they get the skill right! You’ll also have the opportunity to use training words through the device in real-time when your dog needs to hear your voice from afar.

4. Food and Treat Puzzles

Many dogs, especially those with food aggression, need to learn how to slowly and calmly eat their food. While many strategies work well when it comes to food aggression, using a food puzzle to slow down your dog when he is eating is one way to solve the problem. Food puzzles allow your dog to “hunt” for their food while they use their brain to figure out how to work the device. These smart puzzles can be used with either the daily food you give your dog or with simple treats. Best of all, your dog doesn’t have to have food aggression to benefit from food and treat puzzles. They work well for any dog that eats their food much too fast. Plus, they are great for stimulation and brain play!

5. Smart Bark Collars

Owning a dog that won’t stop barking is a pain for everyone, especially any neighbors that have to listen to him bark for hours. When words simply don’t matter to your pup, a smart bark collar is the next best thing! One smart bark collar, in particular, will help teach your dog to stop barking without shocking them. Instead, the collar will spray a small amount of mist up his nose when he barks. Since most dogs will hate this annoying sensation, it won’t take long for them to stop barking at the wrong times. It’s a humane way to train your dog with the latest smart technology.

Other no-shock collars will make use of your smartphone to control your dog and his barking. Instead of a shock or mist, these collars emit a sound or vibration when your dog barks. You’ll simply download an app that will allow you to adjust the level of each in order to train your dog.

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