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Despite the Fortnite game losing some popularity, there are still many beginners in the game who want to increase their skills, as getting the only person alive from one hundred Battle royale is a very pleasing feeling. Knowing this and How to get v bucks can increase your overall enjoyment of the game.

Most importantly, you have to know that storms are the most dangerous thing to encounter in this game besides other players. The map area is continually shrinking, and this is referred to as a “storm” that each round begins from a point selected at a random place on the map. This is a great feature as it forces people to get out of the slowly moving storm from their hiding places. In the event that you ever venture into the storm, your health bar will be slowly depleted until you get out of it. You have to constantly monitor and time your movements for the next storm size reduction. Good players have to always double-check the position and timing of the circle to avoid losing their health points or to give other players a storm advantage over you as you will be forced to fight him and run from the storm all at the same time. Maintain constant awareness of the circle’s center and your location. It might be a bit complicated for a newbie, but slowly you will get the gist of it.

Another thing is that you have to begin accumulating resources as soon as you can. The very first weapon you will have after landing is a massive pickaxe. It’s a really fun piece of equipment and it greatly influences the gameplay. It is not really an effective combat weapon, but this pickaxe performs the same function as in the Minecraft game. All impediments and obstacles on your way can be destroyed by it, as well as gather resources in order to create new constructions. It is recommended you gather a couple of hundred wood units, which will take some time. These will be very helpful to build a defensive construction in order to hide or have time to heal yourself. You can create floors, walls, and roofs, all needed to make a building or a ladder. Some beginners think that if they get free the v bucks to buy a skin, this will help them somehow. It is not true at all. No item in Fortnite will help you to be more skilled.

If you find yourself in danger, do be ashamed to take cover. There is nothing bad about hiding or building something in front of you in order to survive. Contrary to that, every professional player must know how to quickly build each area of the map where he can hide. Slowly but surely with experience, you can figure out how vital building is in Fortnite. You must learn everything that can provide you with the tiniest edge. Don’t take a position against the system and don’t pretend you’re capable of winning without building abilities. Because it is so simple to construct fortifications, this feature may be utilized even during dynamic firefights. By erecting a wall, you may deflect projectile damage from an assault that occurs without notice.

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