December 22, 2021

Most people associate video games with shooters and adventures that need users to spend many hours exploring virtual worlds or fighting other characters. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other genres of games that attract many players from around the world. Horror is one of the genres that force many users to stare on the screens, playing a game. It captivates the attention by unpredictable storylines that change fast. Also, horror games imply a lot of moments that curdle the blood. If you don’t know what frightening game to start playing right now, scroll down below and read about the best horror games.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil is a series of games that implies a lot of different releases. Some of them were great, while others failed. However, this iteration is considered one of the best in the series. After a few unsuccessful releases, the developers did their best to create a stunning game. They managed to craft a game that became one of the most popular in the genre. The game has great graphics, storyline, and characters that help it stand out from the crowd.

The game features characters from the previous Resident Evil: 7 iterations. According to the plot, the main character is stuck in a remote village somewhere in Europe. Unfortunately, it’s not a small and friendly village. Vice versa, the village looks scary and is full of dangerous creatures that want to kill the leading character. Players can explore the area, collect different items, and trade them. They need always mind weapons and bullets to stay safe from monsters. Also, they can build barricades and enhance their firearms, making the game very engaging.

It has a lot of distinctive features. One of them is that players can build their storylines by picking particular options. Consequently, the ending of the game varies for different players. Also, players can meet a giant fish and tall zombie woman that needs to be avoided. The main mission of every player is to find and rescue a child. However, to complete a mission, a player needs to tackle many complicated tasks. Players will need to fight zombies and different monsters. They may be giant, can fly, or be armored. Therefore, it’s not enough to have a lot of bullets. Players need to use bombs and destroy buildings to kill enemies and complete missions.

Metro Exodus

It is a new release of one of the most popular series. Metro Exodus also brings players to post-apocalyptic Russia, where they need to explore the surroundings in search of useful items and fight different creatures. According to the plot, the entire world is polluted by radiation, and the air is poisoned. Consequently, all characters have to wear gas masks when they leave their shelters. In this iteration of the game, the main character gets a chance to join a group of other survivors. The leading character goes on a long journey, exploring the abandoned areas of Russia, looking for a place that wasn’t affected by the global disaster.

The journey across post-apocalyptic lands helps the leading character meet many different communities that developed their own rules to survive. All of them are different. For instance, some are religious fanatics, while others are heathens who hide in forests. Unfortunately, they are not friendly, which is the only thing they have in common. Consequently, players need to fight them to stay safe. Unlike the previous games in the series, this one doesn’t lock the main character in an abandoned subway. Instead, players are free to explore open terrains on the North and South of Russia. However, the main game’s perk is still presented. By playing Metro Exodus, players get scared by many frightening moments and creatures that attack accidentally.


It is a new horror game that gains popularity quickly due to its unique peculiarities. In a nutshell, it is a horror game that requires players to explore different locations. They have to become real detectives to capture ghosts. The game has an online mode, which makes it more interesting. Players can create a team of two or three. After allying up, they head to a particular place to hunt ghosts. Thanks to the ability to play horror games online with friends, many students enjoy this game. Some read a paper writing service review submitted by John Milovich to delegate their assignments but stay safe from scammers. When students get rid of their homework, they spend many hours playing this game with their mates. To succeed, they need to complete different tasks. For instance, players may be required to take a paddle snap or find a radio and set it up to talk to ghosts.

All the locations in the game are frightening and are full of blood-curdling decorations. For example, lack of lighting, bodies of dead people, and different creatures that appear instantly don’t let players relax. Also, the game brings the multiplayer mode to a new level. Players can talk to each other when playing a game. However, the volume of their voice depends on their location. For instance, players can talk to their friends in the same room without issues. However, if another player is locked in a different room, others will hardly hear anything.

Alien: Isolation

It is a game that has a different logic but also attracts many people who love horror video games. The leading character is the only astronaut who has survived after the attack of an alien. The massive creature explores the space shuttle in search of other survivors. Unfortunately, the leading character doesn’t have any weapon to fight the alien. The only way to survive is to escape the shuttle, being unspotted by the monster. It is a stealth game that requires players to crawl and hide to survive. They need to find a path to a safe place without attracting any attention from the alien. They need to hide in lockers, under tables, behind large boxes, etc. The number of options available to players is limitless. However, the monster is powered by AI, not scripts. Therefore, it’s impossible to remember the moves of the alien because they are always random. It makes the game very tense and scary. The creature can appear anywhere at any moment.

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