These are the ideal landing locations for Fortnite Chapter 4, the best places to go in each game regardless of the kind of start you desire and regardless of the purpose of your playing (professionally on eSports tournaments, popular for wagering on sites at, or on an amateur level).

A brand-new map has been added to Fortnite Chapter 4. Now that we have had enough time to get acquainted with it, we can see that it has a great deal to offer. The top Fortnite Chapter 4 landing sites are still being sought after by many gamers, though. We will go over all of the best places to drop this season if you have not already decided on a regular drop point.

The new map features numerous distinct biomes and special regions. It does, however, also have the fewest POIs (Points of Interest) to date. There are just nine named POIs on the map. This may influence where you choose to land in Fortnite Chapter 4. There will be more clashes off spawn than there were previously. There will be considerably more competition among players who want to get to a specified area with its added treasure. If you choose one of the greatest Fortnite Chapter 4 landing places, you are going to be looking at big kill counts. Though not everywhere is so cutthroat.

There are additionally quieter areas near those locations. These are landing areas that are either unnamed or do not appear to draw as much notice for some reason. Among the best Fortnite Chapter 4 landing places might be these. We will go over some of the best landing spots for this season. There is a place for everyone, whether you want an action-packed opening or something safer where you can just get plundered up without any risk.

Frenzy Fields

One of the season’s more entertaining drops is Frenzy Fields. You are going to see a lot of early clashes in a large number of games. However, there are not many particular buildings. These, however, have a lot of loot. If you land at a bigger facility, you will not have to look very far to find a basic loadout. Additionally, there are many barrels of slap juice. If you have not discovered big and little pots, they do not provide the greatest amount of shield, but they are a useful tool for topping up.

Even if you have to engage in combat to complete the POI, you will get enough loot to outfit yourself for the game. You can finish such games with a respectable kill total to get you going. However, when using Fortnite Augments or increasing your shield strength, you must be on the lookout for adversaries.

Frenzy Fields is a more outdoor setting. There are not many structures, yet there is still plenty of room for fighting. Claiming the POI and having everything tagged is not the most crucial thing here because the loot is rather contained as well. However, if you are hunting for enemy positions to clear the POI, it might truly pay off.

If you are looking for a hot drop, Frenzy Fields is a wonderful place to land, particularly if the bus route is going in that direction. If you prefer early clashes, it is a solid choice for the finest landing sites in Fortnite Chapter 4.

The Citadel

One of the most entertaining new POIs this season is The Citadel. It is a lofty structure that offers a fantastic DMR perspective. There are advantages to landing here, in addition to the fact that it’s a fantastic location for later rounds. It might be one of the greatest Chapter 4 landing sites for Fortnite. More powerful white chests can be found here. But on top of that, it features a boss character and one of the few Fortnite Chapter 4 Mythic weapons.

A boss character in The Citadel delivers a Shockwave Hammer and a Mythic Ex-Caliber. But even here, with all the chests, you are more likely to leave with a hammer. One of the season’s most OP items is this one. Most players will be able to take one of them home, which should make for a simpler game for them.

Compared to some of the Mythics we have had in the past, they are not the most potent. But having a second charge for your hammer is really helpful. If you are having a good time with it, the Ex-Caliber could be a lot of fun. Although it might not be Fortnite Chapter 4’s best weapon, it can still be a lot of fun. The Mythic is a major plus, but it is not the only motivation to arrive here.

You are probably going to receive some good weapons because the ordinary loot is also rather plentiful here. If you have been inside the Citadel before, you can get around there rather easily. This POI does not appear to draw as many landings as other POIs do for some reason. However, if the bus route is new, you should be prepared for some altercations. This will be quieter than other named areas, though, if it is not really central.

Lonely Labs

If you are seeking a more tranquil location nearby, Lonely Labs is indeed a nice POI that can be a good fit. This is situated at the far extremity of the snow biome, on the far side of the map. With structures that resemble research facilities and previous POIs that frequently appear in the winter, it is a more well-known POI to gamers.

Considering how few structures there are, Lonely Labs has a respectable quantity of loot. It typically receives a few players or squads, but usually not enough to cause you to worry. It is a wise choice for a more sedate option in the prime Fortnite Chapter 4 landing location.

The location of Lonely Labs will not be ideal for anyone seeking a significant altercation. The game is off to a quieter start. If the circle does not pass over the snow biome, you can also find that you need to rotate quite a bit. However, it should be simple enough to go across the map in something like a respectable length of time, given all the launchpads strewn across the Brutal Bastion. At the summit of the mountains, there are updrafts that you can use to move around swiftly. Rotating around is not a problem if you also obtain a good mobility augment.

If you want the loot of a specific place but a bit of a calmer drop for action, this is one of the best Fortnite Chapter 4 landing spots.

Brutal Bastion

Another POI in which you may run into some trouble is Brutal Bastion. However, it is among the better areas to loot and rotate early on. In each of the buildings in this area, there is a ton of loot to be found. You’ll rapidly get used to the chest spawns, and it is also fairly simple to explore.

There is a launchpad at Brutal Bastion, so you can leave swiftly. This, together with how centralized it is on the map, means that if you land here, your rotation will be excellent.

Claim that POI is one thing to keep in mind. It is substantial enough to make the assertion that it can offer a genuine advantage. Around the area, there is a lot of loot. A variety of teams can land here, collect their in-game treasure, and perhaps even crawl away without too many fights.

In other games, Brutal Bastion could be a little more action-packed. If the bus route is heading in the right direction, you might wind up in quite a few fights, while in other games, it might only be a few teams. Keep a look out for other teams, though—unquestionably, it is on the more popular side.

There are minor structures off to the flanks if you want to arrive at Brutal Bastion without getting into too many clashes. These normally allow you to acquire a couple of weapons without engaging in combat. Once you have gathered the essential defense weapons, depending on how much activity is occurring at the POI itself, you might be capable of sneaking away.

This is a fantastic compromise between a leisurely start and a quick one. It is typically rather central due to its central location as well. One of the coolest Chapter 4 landing locations for Fortnite is here.

Faulty Splits

With its split-up levels, Fault Splits provides some entertaining gameplay for combat. Even in the first fights, possessing the high ground gives you a natural edge even though there is less loot on the higher level.

Rotation will be easy from here because it is among the most central points on the entire map. It lacks instruments for natural rotation like launch pads or guaranteed hammers, although you can reach other POIs quite quickly with a car or by getting lucky with a shockwave hammer. There must be a rotating tool in one of the chests or another.

You are more likely to get into a lot of fights at this POI because it is crowded. However, the loot trade-off is really good, and being in such a good rotation place will pay ‘dividends’ as well.

Christmas Lodge

Despite being a little POI, it is worth visiting while you can. In Fortnite, the Christmas home may be seen on the map every Winterfest. It is a typical-looking house with a good number of chests scattered around the tree for the holidays. Since there is only one building, it is a pretty unimportant POI. It has a seven-chest capacity.

But while Winterfest is still present in the game, it is definitely worth going there. It is one of the top Fortnite Chapter 4 landing sites when the correct chest spawns.

Anvil Square

In Chapter 4 Season 4, Anvil Square might be a bit of a fiery drop. A more conventional neighborhood with houses is this one. They do, however, seem a little more traditional than the typical suburbs found in Fortnite. Anvil Square contains a respectable amount of hidden loot and is sufficiently near the center for excellent rotation.

A livelier Fortnite Chapter 4 landing area is probably Anvil Square. Unless you receive a bus route that is extremely difficult to access, there will be a respectable amount of gamers arriving here. The low buildings are positioned for an evenly balanced battle. There is not a sizable structure on higher land to provide a definite advantage. With what you discover at the most basic level, it is a test of skill.

Anvil Square is a good place to start, especially if you want to engage in some early combat. Compared to the choices on this list before it, there is not the most loot. However, as a place to drop into, it can be a great deal of fun.

Map POIs

The map of Fortnite Chapter 4 is not any smaller than it was in prior iterations, but there are a lot fewer places that have names. Only nine POIs are large enough to be termed locations; the rest are merely minor landmarks. 

All of the identified POIs present in Fortnite Chapter 4 are listed here:

  • The Citadel
  • Breakwater bay
  • Shattered Slabs
  • Anvil Square
  • Faulty Splits
  • Frenzy Fields
  • Brutal Bastion 
  • Lonely Labs
  • Slappy Shores

These all have something special to offer. Even if we do not have as many POIs as the previous maps had, there is still enough activity to give players a good selection of the top Fortnite Chapter 4 landing sites.

Tilted Towers

The top Fortnite Chapter 4 Landing Spots and POIs do not include Tilted Towers, but will it be returning? There is a tiny nudge that suggests Tilted could only be gone from the game momentarily. An internal cavern in the area with the enormous snow slope beyond Brutal Bastion currently makes the hill appear to be nothing more than a frozen-over section of the map.

Pure ice covers the interior of the cavern, although one building is tall enough just to protrude above the ice. This is right where the clock tower from Tilted Towers is. The POI appears to have made it through the Fortnite Fracture occurrence after all. Players will need to pay attention to any signs that Tilted Towers will be making a comeback in Chapter 4.

The majority of locations on the map are sprinkled with a sufficient number of more insignificant landmarks that you can usually collect enough stuff to get started. The finest Fortnite Chapter 4 landing places are those where you can expect to discover more than just a few common chests to open.

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